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  1. online harassment
    60 Marines Will Face Punishment Following Nude -Photo-Sharing Scandal130 were investigated.
  2. Revenge Porn Is Now Illegal Under Marine and Navy Law After Nude-Photo ScandalThe law’s update comes weeks after nude photos of female Marines were shared online.
  3. Female Marines Write Letter Calling for Change After Nude-Photo ScandalAn open letter signed by nearly 100 female Marines calls for an end to misogyny.
  4. sexual harassment
    Former U.S. Marine Blames Nude-Photo Scandal on Having Women in the Military“Why should would we integrate women when we know it’s going to happen?”
  5. sexual harassment
    U.S. Marines Are Reportedly Still Sharing Nude PhotosDespite the Department of Defense’s investigation.
  6. sexual harassment
    The U.S. Military Is Investigating a Horrifying Nude-Photo ScandalMarines have been sharing nude photos of female officers in a secret Facebook group.
  7. women in the military
    Top U.S. Military Officers Say It’s Time Women Register for the Draft“Every American who’s physically qualified should register for the draft.”
  8. Veteran to Marine Corps: Stop With the Casual Rape JokesThe Marine Corps. thinks flip-flops are more offensive than rape jokes. 
  9. unisex fashion
    New York Post Thinks New Marines’ Caps Are Way Too Girly“They would make the French blush.”