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Mark Ruffalo

  1. chrises
    The Celebs Are Ruining the ‘Worst Chris’ DebateApparently they all love Chris Pratt.
  2. twins
    Alert: Two Mark Ruffalos in One ShowThe very hot actor will play twin brothers in an upcoming miniseries.
  3. memories
    Mark Ruffalo Had No Idea Brie Larson Was in 13 Going on 30“Oh my God, that’s amazing!”
  4. allies
    Happy International Women’s Day, From Mark Ruffalo“Thank all you women in the world for all the beautiful work you’re doing.”
  5. modest proposals
    Can Mark Ruffalo Please Lose His Backpack AgainI need this!
  6. technology
    Over 2,000 People Watched a Livestream of Mark Ruffalo’s PocketDaaaaaad.
  7. favors
    Chill Mark Ruffalo Asks Reince Priebus to Take Down the Trump Administration“Reince, c’mon man. I know you’re from Kenosha. You still got some heart left in ya.”
  8. nice things
    Just 10 Photos of Mark Ruffalo Wearing a HenleyThe man loves a henley as much as he hates fracking.
  9. Same
    Hillary Clinton Wants to See Mark Ruffalo Naked As Much As You DoWho among us?
  10. If You Want to See Mark Ruffalo Naked, Just Vote Against TrumpHonestly, the most convincing reason yet.
  11. swift squad
    Imagine Your Life’s Accomplishments Getting Downgraded to ‘Squad Member’Martha Hunt tells the tabloids about Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston.
  12. bae watch
    And the Award for Biggest Bae of the Night Goes To …The most important awards of all.
  13. truth in advertising
    A Good Vintage Ad: Mark Ruffalo Sprints Away From Acne in 1989Double zap. 
  14. party lines
    Party Pics: Cindy Sherman, Brooke Shields, Gia Coppola, and MoreThe parties before the Fashion Week storm.
  15. video
    Watch Mark Ruffalo Talk About Abortion RightsA 41st birthday message.
  16. quotables
    Mark Ruffalo Writes Touchingly About AbortionWho knew?