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Marla Maples

  1. dancing exes
    Ivana Is the Latest Trump Ex-Wife to Appear on Italian Dancing With the StarsShe followed in Marla’s footsteps.
  2. media
    Donald Trump Reportedly Placed the ‘Best Sex I’ve Ever Had’ Story HimselfThere’s also a big possibility that Marla Maples never said the infamous quote.
  3. sexual prowess
    Marla Maples Says ‘The Truth Will Come Out’ About Trump’s Sexual ProwessShe told reporters with a wink.
  4. romance
    Marla Maples Is Dating a TV Host Who Called Trump ‘Physically Disgusting’She’s dating a Morning Joe contributor who doesn’t seem to like her ex.
  5. zen
    Marla Maples Would Like You to Know She Just Took a 24-Hour ‘Spiritual Holiday’Sounds nice.
  6. hot shot
    Everything’s Coming Up MarlaWhat a life.
  7. inauguration day
    Stylist Won’t Do Marla Maples’s & Tiffany Trump’s Inauguration Day Hair for FreeTricia Kelly refused the offer for “exposure.”
  8. hypotheticals
    President Marla Maples Would Give Everyone Subsidized Massages and YogaIn an unearthed interview with ‘George’ magazine, Donald Trump’s ex imagines what the world would look like if she were president.
  9. lifestyle
    Marla Maples Just Launched a Lifestyle Site and It’s Kind of NutsJoin us on this journey through MarlaMaples.com.
  10. i spy
    Can You Find Trump’s Ex-Wife in His Cinco de Mayo Taco Pic? I spy Marla Maples.