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  1. exes
    Both Sides of a Breakup: She Called a Divorce Lawyer While 8 Months PregnantTwo exes explain why it ended.
  2. sex diaries
    The New Mom Whose Husband Turns Her Down in BedThis week’s sex diary.
  3. ask polly
    Ask Polly: ‘My Idiot Boyfriend Claims I Want a Ring, But I Don’t!’But you do want something, or you wouldn’t be so upset about this.
  4. l’amour
    Why This Couple Got Married in a BathroomThe loo of love.
  5. sex diaries
    The Interior Designer Cheating on Her Husband With an ActorThis week’s sex diary.
  6. marriage
    The Pope Threw a Surprise Wedding on a PlaneHe married two flight attendants mid-air.
  7. sex diaries
    The Woman Who Comes Just in Time for Room ServiceThis week’s sex diary.
  8. weddings
    Ellen Page Got Married!The actress shared the news of her nuptials on Instagram.
  9. good news
    Women Are Unhappier Than Men, But Only Until We’re 85!A new study suggests women are happier after their partners have died.
  10. sex diaries
    The Customer-Service Rep Who Feels Neglected by His WifeThis week’s sex diary.
  11. advice
    25 Famous Women on MarriageIn honor of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, some advice for newlyweds.
  12. l’amour
    6 Alternatives to Engagement ChickenDomestic Partnership Leftover Grain Salad, anyone?
  13. from the archives
    The ’70s Feminist Manifesto That’s Still a Must-Read TodayJudy Brady Syfers wrote ‘I Want a Wife’ in 1971. It holds up.
  14. sex diaries
    The Divorced Woman Trying to Psych Herself Up for a DateThis week’s sex diary.
  15. my two cents
    I Can’t Afford to Divorce My Rich HusbandNever mind the legal fees. Here’s how to fight for what you deserve.
  16. sex diaries
    The Lawyer Obsessing About Her OvulationThis week’s sex diary.
  17. marriage
    Kit Harington Messed Up His Wedding Proposal to Rose LeslieHe knows nothing.
  18. l’amour
    Couple Celebrates Their Eternal Bond With Fellatio-Themed Wedding PhotoThe bride’s mother reportedly suggested it.
  19. ask polly
    Ask Polly: ‘Tell Me Not to Get Married!’You value security a lot — there’s nothing wrong with that.
  20. what your therapist really thinks
    ‘I’m Terrified of Getting Married!’It’s easier to devalue something we might not get than to acknowledge that we might want it.
  21. married women
    Why So Many Women Cheat on Their HusbandsWomen are cheating more than ever. So what does that tell us about marriage?
  22. science of us
    How Self-Expression Replaced Love As the Most Important Part of a MarriageA new book argues that, in the past few decades, there’s been a dramatic change in what we expect from our spouses.
  23. sex diaries
    The Married Salesperson Who’s Missing Her BoyfriendThis week’s sex diary.
  24. it’s complicated
    Why Did Lake Bell Make a Defense-of-Marriage Movie?Despite its anti-rom-com trappings, I Do … Until I Don’t is profoundly sentimental about the idea of long-term commitment.
  25. sex diaries
    Sex Diaries: The Woman Taking Off Her Wedding Ring Before a DateThis week’s sex diary.
  26. celebrity
    Oprah Winfrey Opens Up About Why She Will Never Marry Stedman Graham“We would not have stayed together, because marriage requires a different way of being in this world.”
  27. advice
    Ask Polly: I’m Scared I’ll Destroy My Marriage!Your fears will only break your marriage if you’re so ashamed that you hide them.
  28. i don’t
    Why Do I Want to Get Married So Bad?I thought I was better than this.
  29. i don’t
    8 Married People on the Truth About Wedding-Night Sex“It was the absolutely very last thing I wanted to do.”
  30. i don’t
    I Married the Perfect Man for the ApocalypseWhat choosing a husband means.
  31. Married People Used to Be Healthier — But Not AnymoreNew research found that the so-called “protective effect” of getting married has disappeared. The next step is figuring out why.
  32. both sides of a breakup
    Both Sides of a Breakup: Reality Hit After He ProposedTwo exes explain why it ended.
  33. what your therapist really thinks
    ‘If We Always Threaten Divorce, Is Our Marriage Doomed?’What Your Therapist Really Thinks: This week’s column.
  34. sex diaries
    The Married Mom Flirting at the PlaygroundThis week’s sex diary.
  35. what your therapist really thinks
    ‘The Woman My Father-in-Law Married Is a Nightmare’What Your Therapist Really Thinks: this week’s column.
  36. love and war
    The Emancipation of the MILFDoes sexual freedom belong only to the young? Claire Dederer doesn’t think so.
  37. what your therapist really thinks
    Is My Husband Having an Affair?An affair isn’t the only way spouses betray each other.
  38. advice
    Ask Polly: My Married Friends Are Driving Me Crazy!Here’s what you should do: Nothing.
  39. sex diaries
    The Married Mom Looking for Men at BalthazarThis week’s sex diary.
  40. why not
    Khloé Kardashian Is Dropping Some Not-So-Subtle Hints About MarriageAs in, she’d marry Tristan Thompson if he asked.
  41. tied the knot
    Broad City’s Ilana Glazer Got Married When No One Was LookingShe apparently tied the knot last month.
  42. marriage
    The Best Thing About This Book Is the Writer’s WifeStephen Marche’s new memoir, The Unmade Bed, is fascinatingly messy.
  43. love and war
    Adele Finally Admitted She’s Definitely Married to Simon KoneckiShe made an off-the-cuff announcement at a concert, NBD.
  44. Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley Surprise Married a DoulaPenn Badgley and Domino Kirke tied the knot in a Brooklyn courthouse this afternoon.
  45. Remarriage Is the New American MarriageForty percent of weddings have somebody who’s tied the knot before.
  46. first person
    When Good Christian Girls Need Planned ParenthoodThey were there for me when no one else was.
  47. sex diaries
    The Married Woman Contemplating Sperm DonorsThis week’s sex diary.
  48. unwifeable
    6 Marriage Traditions That Made Me Rethink My OwnWhen other cultures’ relationship customs hit close to home.
  49. Mariah’s Manager Writes a Message for Her in LipstickIt’s on a hotel pillow and involves Mariah’s love life.
  50. my two cents
    Are Prenuptial Agreements a Bad Idea?Advice on that most awkward of conversations.
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