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Mary Kay

  1. style tribes
    Meet the Pink Ladies Devoted to Mary KayThe only proper outfit to wear to a 50th-anniversary celebration is a bedazzled gown.
  2. routine adjustment
    One Woman, Two Cities: Beauty on Both CoastsA brow artist to the stars explains how she changes up her face in New York and Los Angeles.
  3. beauty marks
    Companies Sued for Animal Testing, More Beauty NewsPlus, more than two-thirds of British women apply makeup on their morning commute.
  4. beauty marks
    Michelle Obama’s Favorite Fragrance Revealed; Mary Kay Files Lawsuit Against YahooAnd Maybelline may be the new makeup sponsor for New York Fashion Week.
  5. loose threads
    Dove: ‘Real Beauty’ IS Real; Iman: Italian ‘Vogue’ Cover Girl?The photo retoucher who told ‘The New Yorker’ he extensively altered the Dove images said his quote was taken out of context, Iman’s the rumored cover girl of the all-black Italian ‘Vogue,’ and is L.C. getting bad?