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Maryah Greene

  1. how i got this business
    The Plant Doctor Whose Hobby Grew Into a Main GigHow Maryah Greene’s Greene Piece became a full-blown business.
  2. bad at plants
    Will All My Plants Die Now That It’s Cold Out?Winter is coming.
  3. bad at plants
    Is My Plant Hobby Bad for the Environment?Questions you can ask yourself and your local plant shop.
  4. bad at plants
    When Is It Time to Repot My Plant?“Imagine still living in your college dorm.”
  5. bad at plants
    My Plant Is Thriving — Too MuchWhat to do when your fiddle-leaf-fig tree is seven feet tall and your ceilings are ten feet tall.
  6. bad at plants
    I Left My Plant in the Rain, RIPIs there anything I can do to revive it?
  7. bad at plants
    Help, My Plants Keep Spawning GnatsIt’s all about the water.