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  1. an investigation
    How Soft Are the Hands of GQ Editors, Really?An investigation into their manhood, and the state of masculinity in general.
  2. i like this bitch’s life
    I Wish I Were a Fancy Men’s Magazine EditorJay Fielden, who stepped down as Esquire editor-in-chief today, has an Instagram that appreciates the finer things in life.
  3. science of us
    Have Most Men Been in Bar Fights?The sociology of male aggression and exaggeration.
  4. talking to
    9 Boys on What Their Dads Taught Them About Fatherhood“I couldn’t see how I could do a better job than him.”
  5. state politics
    Andrew Cuomo Wants You to Know How Manly He IsAnd it’s only been a week since Cynthia Nixon announced that she’s running for governor.
  6. how to raise a boy
    What Aggression Really Means to BoysSix perspectives on violence, parents, play, rage, fear, and intimacy.
  7. gender
    Men’s Refusal to Do ‘Women’s Work’ Shows How the Patriarchy Wounds EverybodyWhat happens when all the growing occupations are “for women”?
  8. masculinity
    Sexism Can Be Harmful for Men Too, But Not in the Ways You Might ThinkA new study finds a link between sexist attitudes and negative mental health outcomes.
  9. Guys Need to Be Reassured They’re Masculine So They’ll Do Green StuffCaring about the planet is just so feminine, right?
  10. masculinity
    Today’s Men Weaker Than Their DadsGives a whole new meaning to dadbod.
  11. masculinity so fragile
    Do Men Cheat Because Their Balls Are Too Big? A new British book argues yes.
  12. masculinity
    Matt McGorry Is a Secure ManWatch as he stands in front of a truck.
  13. masculinity
    That Men’s Book Clubs Article Mostly Just Made Me SadHypermasculinity hurts men, too.
  14. q&a
    The Man of Tomorrow Will Wear LipstickA Q&A with Jop van Bennekom of Fantastic Man.
  15. advice
    Ask Polly: How Do I Get My Husband to Act Like a Man?If you don’t want to wear the pants, then take the pants off.
  16. slideshow
    Top Fashion Photographer Redefines MachoJuergen Teller aims his lens at masculinity in his new show.
  17. masculinity
    Why Are Most Father’s Day Gifts So Terrible?And what do they say about the way we see manhood?
  18. gender studies
    What Does Manhood Mean in 2013?No one’s sure, but that’s okay.
  19. men
    When Do Men Feel Manly?When they’re naked and saying something vague about Freud, apparently. 
  20. flower men
    Makeup for Boys!Men wear makeup in order to appear anti-patriarchal to women in South Korea. Or is it heaven?