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Mass Incarceration

  1. mass incarceration
    Pregnant Woman Held in Coronavirus-Ridden Jail Over Traffic ViolationsDiamond Davis was pulled over for driving with temporary plates, then had to spend the night in jail during a coronavirus outbreak.
  2. women's health
    A Woman Says She Was Forced to Give Birth in a Dirty Jail Cell, Completely AloneIn a new lawsuit, Diana Sanchez says authorities “callously made her labor alone for hours.”
  3. crime
    Cyntoia Brown Has Finally Been Released From PrisonAfter serving 15 years of a life sentence for killing a man who paid her for sex when she was 16.
  4. so you want to be president
    Elizabeth Warren Wants to Ban ‘Corrupt and Inhumane’ Private PrisonsPrivate prisons are notoriously abusive. Elizabeth Warren says she’s got a plan for that.
  5. mass incarceration
    Kids Suffer When Their Parents Are Locked UpLosing a parent to jail throws the world into chaos.