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  1. so relatable
    Hugh Grant Once Had So Many Massages He Went InsaneRelatable! 
  2. just a bite
    Celebrities Now Paying to Have People Literally Bite ThemKanye West and other celebrities have opted for the “bite massage.”
  3. let’s go to the spa
    There’s Going to Be a Chanel Spa in Paris SoonAnd it will surely become the world’s most Instagrammed spa. 
  4. This Anti-Cellulite Massage Made Me CryFrance’s latest way of making us feel bad.
  5. french women don’t….
    How French Women Combat CelluliteThey touch themselves.
  6. season’s giftings
    How to Say ‘Thank You’ Like a Fashion PersonShower your hosts with flowers, massages, and weird plants.
  7. service economy
    Men and Women Prefer to Be Touched by WomenNo glass ceiling here.