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Maternity Clothes

  1. barefoot and pregnant
    24 Maternity Swimsuits You’ll Actually Want to WearFor all styles and all sizes.
  2. holidaze
    The One Holiday Party Dress You Need to Buy If You’re PregnantJust swap out your accessories and you’re good to go.
  3. always shopping
    How to Buy Maternity Clothes You Won’t HateYou don’t need to hide under giant tents or caftans for all 40 weeks.
  4. fashion nostalgia
    5 Fashion Standbys That Were Invented in New YorkLike the safety pin and the baseball cap.
  5. pregnant princesses!!
    Karl Lagerfeld Would Have Kate Middleton Show More CleavageAnd wear a mullet hem.
  6. freedom
    Kim Kardashian Finally Wore Something ComfyWorld’s most uncomfortable pregnant lady lets her belly out.
  7. kimyembryo
    Kim Kardashian Blesses a Baby While Wearing Leather Maternity PantsAt her new movie’s premiere.
  8. maternity clothes
    Kim Kardashian: World’s Least Comfortable Pregnant Woman, by ChoiceKim Kardashian sets a dangerous precedent.
  9. celebrity (non)designers
    Nicole Richie to Design Shoes and More ClothesApparently her design career can’t be stopped.
  10. loose threads
    See Nicole Richie’s Maternity Line; Cynthia Rowley to Do Babies ‘R’ Us LineAlso, Jon Kortajarena stars in Tom Ford’s new glasses ads.
  11. we’re not sporty
    Elisabeth Hasselbeck Now Shilling Football Maternity ClothesFootball apparel for women is Reebok’s fastest-growing business. Wait, what?
  12. first looks
    Meet Christian Siriano Tomorrow and See His Maternity Line!Christian Siriano personally debuts his maternity line tomorrow in the West Village. Go forth and be fierce!
  13. first looks
    Christian Siriano to Launch ‘Fierce’ Maternity CollectionThat’s right. Christian Siriano has designed a maternity collection. And called it ‘Fierce.’ Sigh.