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Mating And Dating

  1. mating and dating
    What Happens to Pre-Embryos When a Couple Breaks Up?Taking parenthood to new frontiers.
  2. love according to rom coms
    As Laundromats Close, New York Is Running Out of Places to Meet-Cute As laundromats close, so do our rom-com dreams.
  3. mating and dating
    15 Women Explain Why They Dated Men Over 30 (Ew)Inspired by Time
  4. tech bros
    Can We Stop Pretending Tinder Is Good for Women Now?Tinder founder Justin Mateen thinks women devalue his company and sex devalues women.
  5. hall of fame
    Watch Out for iPhone-Stealing Menace of OKCupidThe Williamsburg 24-year-old also throws water.
  6. quotables
    To Consider: The Underwood Model of MarriageThe affairs make you more powerful.
  7. studies
    Study: You Know the Sex Was Good (or Bad)And, for men, it was better than you think.
  8. mating and dating
    Christian Wives: How Submissive Should We Be?Privately submissive, new books say.
  9. mating and dating
    Report: Gender Equality Is So Not HotMarriage, equality, sex: choose two.
  10. mating and dating
    Study: Rom-Coms Could Save Your MarriageBut you have to watch and discuss.
  11. mating and dating
    Survey: We Have No Idea If This Is a Date or NotTexting sows confusion among 18-to-24-year-olds.
  12. the future
    Never Accidentally Flirt With a Loser AgainWith NameTag, an app being tested for Google Glass.
  13. mating and dating
    Use PowerPoint to Get a Date, or Some TherapyIn Brooklyn. 
  14. mating and dating
    Study: Marry Someone As Drunk As YouThe couple that drinks — or doesn’t — together, stays together.
  15. sex apps
    An App to Prove You’re STD-FreeTake note, team Obamacare website. 
  16. mating and dating
    Study: Straight Guys Don’t Believe in BisexualityEspecially not bisexual men.
  17. mating and dating
    Toronto Woman Uses Online Dating Sites for Free Dinners, Enraging RedditHer restaurant reviews leave something be desired.
  18. mating and dating
    Study: You Look Hotter Standing With Your FriendsThey don’t even have to be really hot friends.
  19. weddings!
    At Least You’re Not Going to These Bachelorette Parties This WeekendProbably.
  20. mating and dating
    Mail-Order Bride Magnates Enter Messy DivorceThe Dream Marriage founders’ divorce is a financial nightmare. 
  21. mating and dating
    Ashley Madison, Where Women Go to Act Like MenThe unfaithful, chauvinist kind of men. 
  22. mating and dating
    The ‘New Trophy Wives’ Have MBAs, Shy HusbandsAccording to the New York Post.
  23. outfit agenda
    Outfit Agenda: Cool Date Looks to Wear This FallFrom day to night, we have it figured out.
  24. sexcapades
    Another Vote in Favor of Ambien SexIf you can remember it.
  25. date night dressing
    Outfit Agenda: Dream Date-Night Looks for FallOur favorite date-night looks to wear along with our date-night ideas for fall.
  26. date night dressing
    Outfit Agenda: Date-Night Looks for FallOur guide to layering your date-night look this fall.
  27. mating and dating
    How Tinder Lured WomenBy being less creepy than everything else.
  28. etiquette
    If You Must Cheat, Cheat QuietlyOr you will get shamed on social media.
  29. promiscuous girl
    Study: Sluts Have No FriendsEven promiscuous women don’t want to be friends with other promiscuous women.
  30. vintage
    U.S. Navy on How to Succeed With Brunettes, Circa 1967“Watch the hair. If you muss it, you lose points.”
  31. service
    A Woman’s Guide: How to Get Laid in a RelationshipSome dos and don’ts.