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Mating Habits

  1. nightmare fuel
    Spring Has Sprung for These Horny Canadian SnakesThere are 10,000 male snakes for every one female snake. Yikes.
  2. mating habits
    What’s the Etiquette of Hooking Up With ‘the Help’?Can you date someone you’ve paid for a basic service?
  3. mating habits
    Sneaking In (or Out) a Relationship’s Back Door“I shut down my OkCupid profile,” she said. “We never defined the relationship,” he said.
  4. mating habits
    Sea Slugs Have Strange SexThey stab one another in the forehead.
  5. secrets
    What Are the Best Places to Hide Stuff From Live-in Boyfriends?And what are we hiding from each other?
  6. How Can Employers Stop Us From Hooking Up?A guide to cock-blocking your underlings.