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Mating Rituals

  1. mating rituals
    What Did Mike Pence Buy Mother at CVS for Valentine’s Day?The vice-president was spotted entering a CVS near the White House this afternoon.
  2. mating rituals
    These Penguins Are Collecting ValentinesAt the California Academy of Sciences.
  3. mating rituals
    Socialism for Sex: The Way of the Future?I’ve become a true believer.
  4. mating rituals
    The Case Against Showing Your Porn to Your PartnerOpenness and sex positivity be damned.
  5. mating rituals
    Snapchat Is for FlirtingIt’s the ideal tool.
  6. mating rituals
    My Libido: The First Casualty of Trump’s ElectionThe very concept of horniness seemed alien and impossible.
  7. mating rituals
    10 People on Having Sex While SoberWhat dating is like when you can’t drink.
  8. Watching Male Spiders Practice the Art of Seduction Is Eerily FamiliarThe cruel sting of rejection is considerably worse when you’re a spider.
  9. mating rituals
    Why None of Your Friends Can Name the Guy You’re SeeingIt’s because you’ve given him a stupid nickname.
  10. mating rituals
    The Secret to a Good Date: Have Sex FirstDo it before you’re both bloated and drunk!
  11. mating rituals
    Famous Pink Dolphin Just Doesn’t Want to Be Tied Down Right Now, Okay?Pinky the dolphin is not pregnant, but she is sleeping around.
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    Nick Jonas Wants to Slide Right Into Your DMsJust right on in there.
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    No, Men, Don’t Talk to Women Like BabiesIt’s not flirting.
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    Girl Monkeys Throw Rocks at Boy Monkeys to FlirtHit on.
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    Sea Slugs Have Strange SexThey stab one another in the forehead.
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    How Tinder Solved Online Dating for WomenIt’s exactly what we’ve been told women don’t want — but they love it.
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    Does Moving In Together Make You Break Up?The CDC has the hard data.