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  1. animals
    Looks Like I’m Going to Become an Expert on Bird MatingNetflix has released a 51-minute-long documentary on bird sex.
  2. mental illness
    Why Do People With Certain Psychiatric Disorders Pair Off With One Another?An intriguing new study raises some provocative questions.
  3. memories
    Stroll Down Memory Lane With This List of ‘Hottest Names’Oh god, I remember Shane. We all remember a Shane.
  4. mating
    Like Someone Hotter Than You? Don’t Give Up HopeA new study suggests that time evens out the hotness playing field.
  5. historical attractions
    New Studies Confirm: Your Relatives Were Way Attracted to NeanderthalsDon’t worry, it was a long time ago.
  6. mating habits
    Sea Slugs Have Strange SexThey stab one another in the forehead.
  7. mating
    Birth Control Pills Weaken Sense of SmellDesensitizing women to the scent of male symmetry.
  8. celebrity mating
    Martha Stewart Seeks Tall, Wealthy Nonsmoker for Bed, BreakfastShe’s a Very Liberal Leo.
  9. Report: Denying Men Sex Is Like Child NeglectSays The Wall Street Journal.
  10. procreation
    Study: Childbirth Also Traumatic for Men“I didn’t know what the placenta was.”
  11. mating
    Finally, a Faith-Based Dating ShowWill there be hot tubs?
  12. service
    A Woman’s Guide: How to Get Laid in a RelationshipSome dos and don’ts.
  13. boyfriends with accents
    Binational Same-Sex Couples Flee U.S. for Friendlier ShoresNot as fun and glamorous as it sounds.
  14. travel
    Spring Break Destination Not Ideal for Husband HuntingUnless you like old guys without college degrees.
  15. secrets
    What Are the Best Places to Hide Stuff From Live-in Boyfriends?And what are we hiding from each other?
  16. free ideas
    Bang With _____: Exploring the DTF App Genre’s PotentialForget friends. Who else can we anonymously bang?
  17. blunt and blunter
    Facebook App Shows Which of Your Friends Are DTFIn case online dating was too subtle for you.
  18. terrible
    Online Dating: More Dangerous Than Other Dating?How can I find love without getting murdered?
  19. mating
    Report: Arranged Marriage Not Worse Than Regular MarriageWhat if mother actually knows best?
  20. mating
    Party Preference Is a Deal-Breaker, Says MatchmakerBigger than religion, looks, education, and ambition.