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  1. plastic
    Meet EcoWarrior BarbieShe’s made out of mushrooms, named after Greta Thunberg, and is definitely not a real Mattel product.
  2. spring 2019 fashion issue
    Barbie’s Finally Found Her True Calling: InfluencerIt’s a perfect career for the eternal teenager with an ever-evolving wardrobe and enviable hair.
  3. art
    A Mexican Court Has Blocked Sales of the Controversial Frida Kahlo Barbie DollMattel has faced criticism ever since the doll was released last month.
  4. dolls
    Salma Hayek Has Weighed In on the Frida Kahlo Barbie DollKahlo’s family criticized it earlier this week.
  5. art
    Frida Kahlo’s Family Is Upset About Her Barbie Doll“I would have liked the doll to have traits more like Frida’s, not this doll with light-colored eyes.”
  6. possibilities
    Short Ken and 19 Other Alternative Ken DollsDivorced Dad Ken, anyone?
  7. it’s a barbie world
    Here’s Why the New Plus-size Ken Doll Is Called ‘Broad’Ken has been reimagined.
  8. body diversity
    Model Ashley Graham on Why We Need Curvy BarbiesThe curve model and body-image activist got her own doll.
  9. body positivity
    Misty Copeland Has Her Own Barbie Doll“She has muscles and calves and thighs and a bust.”
  10. fashion
    What We Need is ‘New Mom Barbie’Why stop at three new dolls?
  11. body positivity
    Barbie Inches Closer to RealityShe’ll come in three new sizes: curvy, tall, and petite.
  12. malibu nightmare house
    Do Grown Women Really Want to Dress Like Barbie?Mattel thinks so.
  13. what a doll
    Mattel Is Making a Karl Lagerfeld BarbieWill it come with a Monaco Dream House?
  14. toys
    Barbie’s Still So LucrativeWay more lucrative than feminism.
  15. body image
    Girls and Body Image: Why Barbie’s Not SellingThey all possess ultra-thin body frames.
  16. beauty marks
    Mother-Daughter Tanning Is a Widespread Issue; Paul Rudd Goes Mountain ManPlus, Nicki Minaj in bringing back her Pink Friday MAC lipstick.
  17. fashion’s night out
    Exclusive Video: Male Models Play Ken Dolls on Fashion’s Night OutKen is single and ready to mingle, apparently.
  18. beauty marks
    New Black Barbies Criticized for Straight Hair; Date-Rape-Drug-Detecting Lip GlossAnd Naomi Campbell likes Afros.
  19. first looks
    Inside the New $500 Barbie Fashion BookIt’s devoted to Barbie’s somewhat storied high-fashion history.
  20. plastic people
    Barbie Infiltrates the Fashion Industry, and We Are ScaredBarbie maker Mattel will sponsor Fashion Week for three years starting in February.