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Maurizio Gucci

  1. oscars 2022
    Thank God, Gaga Made It to the OscarsShe presented the Best Picture award with Liza Minelli.
  2. well well well
    What Did the Gucci Family Really Think of House of Gucci?Ridley Scott doesn’t care.
  3. house of gucci
    Would You Buy This Bag Patrizia Reggiani Designed?As a condition of her 2014 release from prison, Lady Gucci got a job.
  4. $$$
    Patrizia Reggiani Really Loved Being RichSome actual quotes from the ex-wife of Maurizio Gucci that prove she is the perfect villain.
  5. crimes of fashion
    Gucci’s Murderous Ex-Wife Is BackPatrizia Reggiani arranged for the killing of Maurizio Gucci. Her parole could end in a few months. 
  6. family feud
    Gucci Family Doesn’t Want Ridley Scott’s Gucci Movie to HappenThey’re afraid it will be too scandalous.
  7. things that need to happen
    Angelina Jolie in Talks to Star in Ridley Scott’s Gucci MovieTo play the role of the ex-wife accused of plotting Maurizio Gucci’s murder.