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Maya Angelou

  1. second acts
    25 Famous Women on Getting OlderDiane Keaton, Maya Angelou, Helen Mirren, and more women on aging.
  2. reading lists
    25 Famous Women on Their Favorite BooksReading recommendations from Alice Munro, Zadie Smith, Sonia Sotomayor, and more.
  3. self control
    25 Famous Women on Their Guilty PleasuresGwyneth Paltrow, Martha Stewart, Taraji P. Henson, and more on indulgences they can’t turn down.
  4. far and wide
    25 Famous Women on the Pleasures of TravelingChrissy Teigen, Martha Stewart, Joan Didion, and more share their fondest memories.
  5. advice
    25 Famous Women on How to Be ProductiveShonda Rhimes, Joan Didion, Yayoi Kusama, and more on productivity and the benefits of procrastination.
  6. What It Was Like to Live Among James Baldwin and Maya Angelou in 1970s New YorkJessica B. Harris, an award-winning food historian, shares what it was like to live among James Baldwin, Nina Simone, and Maya Angelou.
  7. 25 famous women on
    25 Famous Women Talk About Their BoobsReflections from Tracee Ellis Ross, Tina Fey, Ruby Rose, and more.
  8. herstories
    The World Needs This Maya Angelou Documentary“The wound of her leaving is still fresh. It’s a hole in our culture.”
  9. writers
    25 Famous Women on Writing Their Own StoriesThe power (and challenges) of self-reflection.
  10. in memory
    Remembering Maya Angelou: A Life in Pictures A life that filled a six-volume memoir.
  11. pearls of wisdom
    Maya Angelou’s 25 Most Perfect, Inspiring TweetsA life of rainbows, love, and delight.
  12. feminism has a scent
    Beyoncé’s New Fragrance Inspired by Maya AngelouFeminism now has a scent. 
  13. party lines
    Party Pics: Dakota Fanning, Alex Wang, the Roitfelds & MoreThe fall season gone famous.