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Mean Girls

  1. damn you tina fey!
    Lindsay Lohan Tries to Punch Up One of Her Favorite Mean Girls QuotesIf anything, Sears is a funnier reference now.
  2. memes
    The Democrats’ Mean Girls Joke Falls Embarrassingly FlatStop trying to make this happen.
  3. october 3rd
    The Mean Girls Cast Reunited to Raise Money for Vegas Shooting VictimsFundraising is fetch.
  4. nostalgia
    Let’s All Stop Freaking Out About Nostalgia FashionDoes anyone not remember that these brands signified the hallmarks of cruel, upper-middle-class suburbia?
  5. The Most Iconic Queen Bees in Pop Culture▶️ “That’s right. Rule, b****. But don’t forget who made you.”
  6. popular
    The Craziest Mom I Ever Met Was Obsessed With Being PopularHow many moms buy their daughter a boob job?
  7. flashbacks
    Corinne Eviscerated Mean Girls on The Bachelor. Just Like My Mom Taught Me To.The former contestant confronted bullies with the same tactics I learned in fifth grade.
  8. This Sign Proves That the Election Has Turned Into Mean GirlsA Trump page from the Mean Girls Burn Book has gone viral.
  9. There’s a Mean Girl on the Loose in HollywoodBella Thorne blasts a “very, very mean” star.
  10. hollywood
    The Triumph of the ‘Girl Movie’The movies teen girls love become classics because they’re so much more than films.
  11. Here’s a Mean Girls Video Game for You to WinFight the plastics, win the war. 
  12. i wish i could go back to college
    Watching Mean Girls Is Now Considered a Scholarly Pursuit Grool.
  13. mean girls
    Texas State Senator Has Pro-Life Cowboy Boots, and They’re HeinousThese boots were made for undermining Wendy Davis.
  14. haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate
    Watch Kendall Jenner Read From Her Burn BookIt puts Suri Cruise’s to shame.
  15. pretty in pictures
    The 50 Best Movie Beauty Moments of All TimePrincess Leia, Margot Tenenbaum, and so many more. 
  16. in development
    Lindsay Lohan Has a Plan for Mean Girls SequelIt’s about housewife adulterers.
  17. hair rules
    Olivia Palermo Has Exactly 6 Hair HighlightsNo more, no less.
  18. ah memories
    So Who Did Everyone Sit With on the Set of Mean Girls?Daniel Franzese (Damian) gives a charming tell-all. 
  19. fetch
    It’s the Mean Girls Jewelry Line You Always WantedOn Wednesdays, we wear rose-gold.
  20. twitter feminism
    Can Feminist Hashtags ‘Dismantle the State’?Or will feuds dismantle #TwitterFeminism?
  21. interview
    Is It Fair to Compare Feminists to Mean Girls?Forty years later, “Trashing” author Jo Freeman revises her theories.
  22. look book
    The Rachel McAdams Look BookSee the actress’s best style moments from Mean Girls to the present.
  23. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Rajiv Surendra, Mathlete Gone Topless“OOH! KEVIN G!”
  24. bad studies
    Here’s an Evolutionary Explanation for Mean GirlsIt’s depressing, but maybe incorrect. 
  25. You Aren’t Crazy: You Can Feel the WeatherKaren from Mean Girls was right, sort of.
  26. prom gone wrong
    Watch a Supercut of Pop Culture’s Best PromzillasIt’s just prom. Just prom?!
  27. sorority girls
    Watch a Psycho Barbie Reenact That Sorority E-mailDelta Gamma freak-out gets better.
  28. mean girls
    The Greatest Sorority Freak-out E-mail Ever“Sigma Nu is not going to hang out if we F*CKING SUCK.”
  29. victimology
    Can You Bully a Celebrity?Jada Pinkett Smith and the New York Times think so.
  30. pentagon of love
    How Mean Girls Explains the Petraeus ScandalE-mail snooping as “three-way calling attack.”