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Medical Bias

  1. health
    The Ozempic PushersSome fat patients say doctors are pressuring them to take the miracle drug instead of listening to their immediate health concerns.
  2. first person
    Yes, You Can Have Pelvic-Floor Issues Without Giving BirthThe condition is both shockingly widespread and maddeningly underdiscussed.
  3. sexism
    Medical Gaslighting and MeElissa Bassist laughs through mystery pain in her debut memoir, Hysterical.
  4. reproductive health
    Gynecology Has a Pain ProblemOur discomfort is routine. What if it didn’t have to be?
  5. self
    Black Women Can Be Diagnosed With ADHD, TooThe hashtag #ADHDinBlackWomen is making some women rethink what they’ve been told all their lives.