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Medical Marijuana

  1. 420 blaze it
    Men Keep Calling This Pennsylvania Gynecologist for Medical MarijuanaToo bad she only treats women.
  2. 420 blaze it
    Can You Find All the Weed Puns in This Senator’s Marijuana-Bill Announcement?Orrin Hatch really wants you to know he “gets” weed.
  3. cbd
    CBD Oil Actually Helped With My AnxietyThere’s no magic bullet for anxiety, but CBD is pretty good.
  4. drugs
    What Steve Kerr’s Marijuana Admission MeansBecause marijuana is still stigmatized in a racialized way, it helps when “clean-cut” types like Kerr admit to having dabbled.
  5. jesus walks whoopi vapes
    Whoopi Launches Her Own Marijuana BrandPraise everything.
  6. the man becomes the weedman
    Super-Chill CDC Tells Doctors Not to Test Patients for MarijuanaThey’ve updated their guidelines.
  7. legal weed
    Let’s All Go to Australia to Get High and Watch KoalasTraveling Down Under just got a little more appealing. 
  8. books
    A Once-Skeptical Doctor Makes the Case for Medical MarijuanaIt involved a bit of self-experimentation.
  9. edibles
    The Case for Regulating Pot BrowniesA new study says the THC content is all over the place.