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  1. crime
    Former USC Gynecologist Accused of Abusing Hundreds Found DeadGeorge Tyndall was expected to finally stand trial next year.
  2. life after roe
    How Dobbs Upended Med Students’ FuturesAspiring doctors now must consider what kind of care they’ll learn to provide and how their placement could impact their own family planning.
  3. the cut on tuesdays
    Hannah Never Really Had CancerOn this week’s episode of The Cut on Tuesdays, a story about surviving Munchausen by proxy.
  4. science of us
    These Are Not Sad StoriesHow graphic medicine humanizes the world of health care.
  5. science of us
    Is This Blood Clot Horrifying — or Beautiful?A patient coughed up a beautiful blood clot in the shape of the right bronchial tree.
  6. science of us
    The Real Healing Effects of Fake MedicineA look into the wild world of placebos.
  7. the doctor is in
    9 Doctors on the Strangest Objects They’ve Removed From Patients’ BodiesQuarters and candles and dinosaurs, oh my!
  8. cool
    Tokyo Medical School Admits to Tampering With Test Scores to Keep Women OutOfficials were apparently worried women would get pregnant, and thus wouldn’t be able to work long hours in the hospital.
  9. medical breakthroughs
    U.S. Veteran Receives First Penis-and-Scrotum TransplantDoctors at Johns Hopkins successfully performed the procedure on a soldier who lost his genitals during an IED explosion in Afghanistan.
  10. horror stories
    How One Woman Ended Up ‘Embalmed Alive’Ekaterina Fedyaeva checked into the hospital for what was supposed to be a simple procedure.
  11. science of us
    Doctors Don’t Know How to Deal With Women’s PainThree new books explore how women have been conditioned by the medical system to downplay their own suffering.
  12. What Malpractice Lawsuits Can Teach Us About Coping With Uncertainty“Sometimes there is simply nothing and no one to blame.”
  13. doctors
    These Are the Most Prestigious DiseasesA sociologist in Norway has been studying how doctors there view various diseases, and his results are telling.
  14. health
    Many People Who Are Diagnosed With Asthma May Not Actually Have ItA new study out of Canada found that, in a surprising number of cases, the condition was misdiagnosed.
  15. Your Cough Syrup Probably Isn’t Doing AnythingMost research suggests that cough medicine isn’t any more effective than a placebo.
  16. Doctors Found a Tiny Second Brain Growing Inside This Woman’s TumorIt’s called a teratoma, and in some cases, it can actually cause personality changes.
  17. race
    Is Racism ‘Saving’ Black People From Opioid Overdoses?There could be an unanticipated positive side effect to how bad some white doctors are at dealing with black pain.
  18. The Psychology of ‘Unnecessary’ MastectomiesMany women know it makes little medical sense. That’s almost beside the point.
  19. man vs. nature
    We Need to Stop Acting Like Nature and Medicine Are EnemiesA new study finds that the words health-care providers use matter a lot.
  20. Your Vaginal Bacteria Is Good For Something!Swabbing newborns may support health later.
  21. medicine
    Rudeness in Medical Settings Could Kill PatientsA recent study paints a grim picture of what rudeness does to doctors’ and nurses’ performance.
  22. medicine
    Read Young Doctors’ Reflections on Their Work“Today I felt helpless, overwhelmed, scared.”
  23. dying
    What Happens When EMTs Encounter Dying Patients — and Their Families“We are strangers walking into their life-changing event.”
  24. synesthesia
    Meet a Doctor With the Almost-Superpower of Mirror-Touch Synesthesia“When Salinas performs a spinal tap on a patient, he can feel the needle going into his own lower back.”
  25. edibles
    The Case for Regulating Pot BrowniesA new study says the THC content is all over the place.
  26. pain and suffering
    So, Is Shapewear Going to Kill Us All or What?“Ominous tingling,” acid reflux, and more!
  27. interview
    Talking to the Doctor Behind the World’s First Successful Penis Transplant“Why is the penis so important to us? I’m not sure, but it is,” says Dr. Andre van der Merwe.
  28. migraines
    In the Future, Nasal Sprays May Help Treat MigrainesIt could take a while, though.
  29. very alternative medicine
    Botox Now Used to Treat Premature EjaculationAnd a whole bunch of other things that aren’t wrinkles.
  30. bad habits
    Lady Who Drank Nothing But Soda for 16 Years Not Doing So Well“Since the age of 15, she had not drunk any water.”
  31. the rules for passing judgment
    Etheridge Says Angelina Isn’t ‘Brave’: The Etiquette of Passing JudgmentWhen celebrities criticize each other, there are rules.
  32. timeline
    Everything Angelina Did During Her SurgeriesRed carpets, business ventures, and a refugee camp on three continents.
  33. angelina jolie
    Angelina Jolie: Breasts Don’t Define FemininityMastectomy “in no way diminishes my femininity.”