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  1. goop
    Gwyneth Paltrow And G. Label By goop Host Holiday Celebration
    Gwyneth Paltrow Wants You to Meditate With Your Eyes Open“I believe eyes-open meditation could be potentially important for changing the world.”
  2. celebrity
    Oh, to Have Meditated Through the Oscars SlapOnly Questlove knows peace.
  3. wellness theories
    Pritika Swarup Swears By Alternate-Nostril BreathingThe “world’s most fabulous financier” explains her approach to wellness.
  4. wellness theories
    Egg Freezing Is a ‘Personal Insurance Policy’ for Danielle PrescodThe author and consultant breaks down her wellness habits.
  5. swellness
    The Trick To Making Healthy HabitsWillpower only gets you so far.
  6. wellness theories
    How a Mushroom Expert Does WellnessRainbo’s Tonya Papanikolov on yoga, meditation, and the power of fungi.
  7. wellness theories
    Ghia’s Mélanie Masarin Doesn’t Define Her Sobriety“Maybe someday someone will make an amazing cocktail, and I want to have a sip of it, but in general, I don’t drink.”
  8. self
    What Is Shadow Work, and How Do You Do It?We all have parts of ourselves that we don’t love and that hold us back from living our best life. But it doesn’t have to be that way.
  9. the cut podcast
    Do You Actually Miss Yoga Studios?On this week’s episode, the tension between yoga’s spiritual roots and capitalist promise.
  10. sleep
    Sorry, Even Harry Styles Cannot Calm Us DownNot even the 30-minute bedtime story he recorded will help.
  11. reviews
    Diddy’s Guided Meditation Is … the Best Thing I’ve Ever Heard?I had my doubts. But he helped me find serenity in under ten minutes.
  12. meditation
    This Video of a Speedy Pig Will Bring You SerenityRun, javelina, run.
  13. giving up
    I Gave Up on Meditating, and It Feels GreatThe liberating feeling of letting go of a wellness trend.
  14. swellness
    The Secret to Inner Peace Is Ted Danson“Come meditate with Ted Danson.”
  15. science of us
    The Woman Who Convinced Me That Bad Things Are Actually GoodShe’s a twice-divorced Buddhist nun.
  16. science of us
    Why Do I Resist Meditating?Is it a loneliness thing?
  17. science of us
    I Now Suspect the Vagus Nerve Is the Key to Well-being“Stimulating” it leads to calmness, but how and why?
  18. the cut opinion pages
    I Don’t Want to Hear About Anyone’s Meditation Routine!I don’t want anyone to be centered. I want everyone to be off-center.
  19. science of us
    Why Does Everyone Want Me to Meditate So Badly?I don’t TRUST you people!
  20. science of us
    I’m Going to Meditate This Weekend If It Kills MeThis is going to change everything.
  21. science of us
    What If We All Took Psychedelics and Meditated?Are we all fruiting bodies of the same fungus?
  22. it’s complicated
    I Live Like I’m a Plus-One to My Own LifeThe silent-meditation retreat that gave my marriage a makeover.
  23. Solange’s Newest Performance Art Project Will Help You Silence Your Mind“Metatronia centers around building frequency and creating charge through visual storytelling.”
  24. coping mechanisms
    Ethics Staff Tried Group Meditation to Cope With ‘Chaos’ of White House“We weren’t prepared for the chaos in this administration.”
  25. best bets
    A New Meditation Bus, Translucent Teapots, and a Fashionable Plant ShopWhat’s new in New York stores.
  26. science of us
    The Approach to Meditation That Guarantees FailureA new book argues that having goals for your meditation means you’re doing it wrong.
  27. 10% better
    How to Be a Tiny Bit Better at Meditating, Even If You Hate Sitting StillIt’s become so trendy that it’s easy to forget what it’s really about.
  28. wellness theories
    This Dynasty Actress Is Ready to Fight Off a Mountain Lion“I love that kind of stuff. I can’t go more than a few weeks without finding a mountain.”
  29. Natural Selection Made Us Anxious. Meditation Can Help.An evolutionary psychologist’s take on Buddhism.
  30. health and wellness
    How ‘Wellness’ Became an EpidemicWhy are so many privileged people feeling so sick? Luckily, there’s no shortage of cures.
  31. wellness theories
    Olivia Culpo on Meditating, Oil Pulling, and Tea Tree OilHer favorite sheet mask.
  32. eat pray burning man
    Yoga, Meditation, and a Yurt: My Weekend at a Breakup RetreatCan a weekend at a farm in upstate New York cure a broken heart?
  33. wellness
    Inside New York’s Luxury Meditation CenterHere, meditation is just a part of your luxury lifestyle.
  34. wellness theories
    Transparent’s Judith Light on Epsom Salts and Self-Awareness“Meditation isn’t just about going to a mountaintop.”
  35. wellness theories
    Jamie-Lynn Sigler on Being Kind to Herself and How She Avoids Holiday StressShe also opened up about her holiday-gift wish list.
  36. swellness
    What Is a Guru and How Do I Find One?No, Beyoncé is not a guru.
  37. swellness
    This New Studio Wants to Be the SoulCycle of MeditationInscape aims to treat mindfulness like a kind of boutique fitness.
  38. Switching Detention for Meditation Seems to Really WorkTeach kids to process their emotions and their teachers won’t have to.
  39. This App Lets You Wake Up to Refreshing Yoga Routines Instead of Blaring AlarmsWhich seems much more ideal than a blaring alarm.
  40. The Right Way(s) to Do IntrospectionStructure helps.
  41. swellness
    Teresa Palmer on Self-Love and Breast-feeding Her 2-Year-Old“When you source your happiness from an internal place, and you truly are putting yourself at the center there, you never get too wobbly.”
  42. swellness
    Meet the Woman Giving Healing Crystals to Hip-hop StarsRadio personality Devi Brown explains why crystals are so special, and why rappers are clutching them onstage.
  43. swellness
    ‘Wellness Workspaces’ Bring Meditation to the OfficeBut is “co-working out” just an incentive to spend more time at work?
  44. swellness
    Misty Copeland on Protein and Unconventional Meditation“The ballerina body is constantly evolving.”
  45. swellness
    How Curvy Teen Model Barbie Ferreira Sleeps and Practices WellnessSleeping with Barbie Ferreira.
  46. swellness
    Hear the Cut’s Meditation Playlist on SpotifyAmbient sounds to tune out the patriarchy.
  47. swellness
    How One Woman Was Able To Cope With Chronic Pain From FibromyalgiaWhat’s it like when doctors don’t believe you and you live with chronic pain.
  48. swellness
    How to Meditate When You Suck at MeditatingTry a sound bath, a new way to chill out without judgment.
  49. swellness
    Fashion’s Original Wellness Guru On Juicing, Meditation and PilatesNorma Kamali believed in real green juices, Pilates, wellness before it was trendy.
  50. wellness theories
    Cameron Diaz on Water, Aging, and Those Body-Hair Comments “Aging really is your responsibility.”
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