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Meet The New Editor

  1. meet the new editor
    The College Magazine Funded by Comme des Garçons“We’re leaving a mark on Central Saint Martins. A big one.”
  2. as the world interns
    Preview Intern, the Surprisingly Dreamy Magazine for and by InternsIt’s miserable and magical at the same time.
  3. meet the new editor
    A Canadian Fashion Editor Bent on Conquering NYCAdrian Mainella, former Canadian broadcast personality, has a new web zine dedicated to his new hometown.
  4. meet the new editor
    Imagine a (Nearly) Photo-Free Fashion MagazineWhen NoéMie Schwaller launched Dash, she chose illustrations instead.
  5. meet the new editor
    Meet the New Editor: Jack Sunnucks’s Magazine is a Love Letter to Polaroid“I wanted it to be Jack’s Magazine because it’s all about me … that sounds completely awful, doesn’t it?”