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  1. apologies
    Alice Sebold Apologizes to the Man Wrongfully Convicted of Raping HerThe Lucky author said she’ll continue to struggle with how she unknowingly played a part in putting an innocent man in jail.
  2. power
    Who Gets to Write a Recovery Memoir?Hunter Biden’s Beautiful Things insists that addiction is an equalizer, which just isn’t true.
  3. culture
    Julia Fox Is Working on a Memoir, Thank GoddessThe retired party girl and shining star of Uncut Gems has been busy in isolation.
  4. culture
    All Of Anna Wintour’s Exes Came To Her WeddingIs this a British thing… ?
  5. from the archives
    Revisiting Some of the Most Memorable Homes Wendy Goodman Ever ScoutedOn the occasion of her memoir, our design editor recalls a few of her greatest hits.
  6. must read
    10 Life-Affirming Takeaways From Bill Cunningham’s Posthumous Memoir“Never hold back.”
  7. nice surprise
    A Fashion Legend’s Secret Memoir Was Just UnearthedCalled Fashion Climbing.
  8. ghostwriters
    You’ll Never Guess Who Co-wrote Tiffany Haddish’s New MemoirOne hint, he penned a sexist bro-bible in 2006.
  9. teen spirit
    Ivanka Trump Says She Had a ‘Punk Phase’The president’s daughter opens up in her mother’s new memoir.
  10. books
    New York City, Remembered Through What We WoreA firefighter’s uniform, boots from a downed plane, and more: eight sartorial stories from Emily Spivack’s new book, Worn in New York.
  11. the body politic
    Hillary Clinton Is Finally Expressing Anger. Why Does That Make Everyone Mad?What makes What Happened unusual and unusually valuable is that in it, Clinton is doing something she was not free to do during the election.
  12. books
    Hillary Clinton Will Open Up About the 2016 Election in Her Book What HappenedSimon & Schuster will publish the book on September 12.
  13. book excerpt
    Leaving Home, When Your Home Is a ConventAnd your dad is a pantsless, gun-toting Catholic priest.
  14. book deals
    Huma Abedin Reportedly Wants $2 Million for a Tell-All BookShe’s rumored to be meeting with “top literary agents” to discuss a book deal.
  15. the trumps
    Ivana Trump Is Writing a ‘Nonpolitical’ Memoir About Raising Her KidsThe book will be about her “motherhood, strength, and resilience,” apparently.
  16. Tina Brown Is Publishing a Vanity Fair Tell-All Based on Her DiariesThe book will be a “supercharged” portrait of Condé Nast in the ‘80s.
  17. Tavi Gevinson Is Reportedly Working on a Book About Her Life in New York“Page Six” says it will be about acting in plays and New York.
  18. cut cover story
    Cat Marnell Is Still AliveAnd the “unhealthy health writer” has a new memoir.
  19. Zayn Malik Opens Up About His Struggle With an Eating DisorderIt was during his time in One Direction.
  20. sorry not sorry
    Naya Rivera Says She Once Caught Ariana Grande Sitting on Big Sean’s CouchSomeone whose name “rhymes with Smariana Schmande” may have played a role in her broken engagement.
  21. inside amy schumer’s book
    7 Things We Learned About Amy Schumer From Her New BookThe Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo.
  22. party chat
    Pat Cleveland Wants to Write a Book About Her LoversIf life is a bottle of Champagne, they’re the bubbles.
  23. books
    This Book by Amy Schumer’s Head Writer Is Better Than TherapyThe Inside Amy Schumer head writer wraps profound thoughts in a very funny package.
  24. guaranteed bestsellers
    Caitlyn Jenner’s Memoir Is on the WayComing spring 2017.
  25. fallen idols
    Chrissie Hynde Doesn’t Care If You Buy Her Book or Her Version of RapeShe’s a rock star, not a spokesperson. 
  26. self portrait
    Return Ticket: The Memories on My BookshelfRereading is like rewriting ourselves, reinventing the past.
  27. self portrait
    10 Honest Moments From This Fall’s Big MemoirsA preview.
  28. self portrait
    How I Learned to Love Almost DyingAn outtake from The Folded Clock by Heidi Julavits.
  29. writers
    25 Famous Women on Writing Their Own StoriesThe power (and challenges) of self-reflection.
  30. self portrait
    Eve’s Hollywood: The Sex Life of a ’70s ‘It’ GirlThe memoirs of Eve Babitz, a scandalous scenester of the ‘60s and ‘70s, are being reissued.  
  31. self portrait
    Is This ‘It Happened to Me’ Headline Real or Fake?Take our quiz, test your knowledge.
  32. book excerpt
    Growing Up Black and Female Meant Depression Was ForbiddenWe were not to be depressed or unduly high-strung; we were not to have nervous collapses. We were too strong for that.
  33. Here Are Some Suggested Titles for World Cup Star Carli Lloyd’s MemoirThey’re all winners.
  34. advice
    How to Live, According to One Very Pretty Rich Person Always pack a party dress, don’t fight your inner Wasp, and more!
  35. q&a
    The Memoirs of a Sex Object: A Feminist ProjectJessica Valenti talks about her new book and why it made her more sympathetic to Lena Dunham.
  36. excerpt
    Kim Gordon on the Pain and Anger of Performing With Her ExWhat it was like to go onstage with Thurston Moore for Sonic Youth’s last show.
  37. first person
    What Would You Do If You Knew You’d Go Blind?Well, if you’re a 19-year-old, you decide to have a lot of sex.
  38. interview
    Q&A: Talking ’70s Rock Style and Life on the Road With Lisa RobinsonThe rock journalist has a new memoir, There Goes Gravity
  39. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Rob Lowe, Now an AARP MemberThe ageless actor turns 50 today.
  40. memoirs
    Lady Gaga’s Jealous Ex-Boyfriend Threatens LawsuitMemoirist and Gaga ex Lüc Carl is unhappy with his portrayal in Gaga’s friend’s memoir, Rivington Was Ours.
  41. memoirs
    Wendy Davis to Publish Memoir Before Governor RaceInevitable, still exciting. 
  42. memoirs
    Anjelica Huston’s Life With Difficult MenA whirlwind of wildly dramatic relationships.
  43. interview
    Q&A: Alison Bechdel on the New Fun Home MusicalWatching a song-and-dance version of your memories is “really freaky,” it turns out.
  44. quotables
    Elizabeth Smart Speaks Out Against Victim-Blaming In her candid new memoir.
  45. for the love
    Courtney Love Won’t Talk About Sex in Her Memoir“I don’t do kiss-tell.”
  46. oversharing
    How to Win at the Women’s Memoir GameOne way to cut critics to the quick is to concede up front that you’re in it for the cash.
  47. smellin’ mellon
    Tamara Mellon’s Memoir Will Come Out in OctoberCalled In My Shoes.
  48. the supremes
    Sonia Sotomayor Quickly Becoming the Oprah of the Supreme CourtLong may she reign.
  49. tyra mail
    Do Not Give Tyra OlestraA former publicist has a new memoir out with some rather interesting tidbits.
  50. party lines
    If Simon Doonan Designed Clothes They Wouldn’t Be for the Little PeopleThey’d be for plus-size women!