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  1. extremely online
    The Rise of the Tabulated SelfI saw the best minds of my generation being uploaded onto “second-brain” apps.
  2. the bigger picture
    A Different Kind of Family Photo AlbumWith Santa Barbara, photographer Diana Markosian recreates and reimagines her mother’s pursuit of the American Dream.
  3. the cut podcast
    The Truth About False MemoriesHow an accusation of sexual assault turned shaky science into a widely accepted truth, on this week’s episode of The Cut podcast.
  4. psychology
    The Memory WarJennifer Freyd accused her father of sexual abuse. Her parents’ attempt to discredit her created a defense for countless sex offenders.
  5. science of us
    Lie About Yourself Enough and Even You’ll Believe ItOur “memories” are more malleable than we think.
  6. science of us
    The Irreversible Horror of Being ForgottenIt hurts more than we’d like to admit.
  7. science of us
    8 Women on Their Earliest (and Possibly Made Up) MemoriesNearly half of people say the first thing they remember happened at an age that’s impossible for adults to recall.
  8. science of us
    I Tried a Phobia Treatment That Erased My MemoriesWhat if I could get over my lifelong fear of snakes by just … forgetting about it?
  9. 10% better
    How to Be a Little Bit Better at Remembering ThingsGet comfortable with the sound of your own voice.
  10. science of us
    Coming to Terms With Everything My Daughter Won’t RememberMost people don’t have any memories from earliest years, but as a mom, it’s hard to accept that all these moments will be lost.
  11. sleep
    It May Actually Be Possible to Learn in Your SleepThose language tapes are still a scam, though.
  12. How Taking Photos Affects Your Memory of the Moment Later OnIt’s not always helpful.
  13. science of us
    How Taking Photos Affects Your Memory of the Moment Later OnIt’s not always helpful.
  14. Finally, My Case of ‘Chemo Brain’ Is VindicatedA new study illustrates what I already knew: Chemotherapy can mess with your memory, and the stress of cancer treatment just makes it worse.
  15. People With Multiple Personalities Are Changing Psychologists’ Idea of the SelfDissociative identity disorder, in which people can have multiple personalities, raises the question: What makes a person who they are?
  16. When Extreme Déjà Vu Destroys Your Sense of Reality“I routinely struggle to discern the difference between lived events and dreams, between memories, hallucinations and the products of my imagination.”
  17. Thinking About Happy Memories Can Shut Down Your Body’s Stress ResponseThe science behind a common-sense piece of advice.
  18. Writing a Memoir Is a Strange Psychological Trip Through Your PastInsights from people who study autobiographical memory, and people who’ve written autobiographies.
  19. memory
    How the Brains of ‘Memory Athletes’ Are DifferentAs is so often the case in neuroscience, it has to do with connections between different brain areas.
  20. science of us
    The Weirdest Thing About How Music Triggers MemoriesThe music that recalls memories fastest.
  21. science of us
    To Truly Learn Something, Study Until You’ve Mastered It — and Then Keep GoingThe advantages of “overlearning.”
  22. Emotions Can Help You Remember Unrelated Things, TooYou remember what you feel.
  23. science of us
    Eye with reflect.
    Here’s What Happens in Your Brain When Your Life Flashes Before Your EyesNew research on the psychology of near-death experiences.
  24. Like Humans, Monkeys Know the Limits of Their Own MemoryIt’s called “metamemory,” and it’s an important tool for navigating social interactions.
  25. social contagion
    Ask Sinbad About How False Memories SpreadThis one gets weird.
  26. How the Way You Breathe Affects What You RememberThis one applies to the nose only — sorry, mouth-breathers.
  27. Sleeping Off a Bad Day Makes It Harder to Forget All the Bad StuffSnoozing helps unpleasant memories to stick in your brain.
  28. The Man Who Was Pretty Convinced the News Was a RerunThis sounds about right.
  29. science of us
    Use This Strategy to ‘Stress-Proof’ Your MemoryA new study offers a suggestion for how to avoid choking under pressure.
  30. science of us
    Remembering Childhood Trauma That Never HappenedMemory is incredibly malleable – which means that it’s not that difficult to falsely convince someone they experienced something horrific.
  31. science of us
    Your Memory Is Not Like a Computer’s“For our computers, every unit of information is created equal … In our brain memories, that’s not true at all.”
  32. the science of dreams
    5 Leading Theories of What Dreams Actually AreProphecies, memories, and more.
  33. The Weird (and False) Belief About Amnesia That Won’t Go AwayIt’s called the “double conk” theory.
  34. This Museum Helps Alzheimer’s Patients Remember by Taking Them Back in TimeEverything is straight out of the 1950s.
  35. What Happens in the Brain When You Create a False MemoryA new study explains.
  36. science of us
    Why Time Slows Down When You’re TravelingIt makes you a kid again.
  37. Alzheimer’s
    This Is a Potentially Exciting Alzheimer’s DiscoveryResearchers seem to be getting somewhere.
  38. There Are 3 Kinds of Nostalgia, and Trump Exploits One of ThemGoing back to the Golden Years.
  39. Your Best Friend Is Like Google for Your MemoriesThe more interconnected the memories, the stronger the bond.
  40. A Neuroscientist Explains Why You’re Terrible With NamesIn a purely objective sense, a person’s face and name are, by and large, unrelated.
  41. The Fascinating Thing Moving Does to Your MemoryMemories of events just before and just after a move seem more vivid.
  42. Why Italians, Maori, and Children of Divorce Have the Least Childhood AmnesiaIt’s about growing up in a narrative-rich home.
  43. Maybe Alzheimer’s Begins in Early ChildhoodScientists found early hints of the disease in people as young as 3.
  44. The Man Who Woke Up From a Coma With Memories of Another Person’s LifeHe thought his girlfriend was pregnant, and that he’d just interviewed for a job at a spy agency. Both were false.
  45. An Amnesiac Artist Is Making Scientists Question What They Know About MemoryShe can’t remember her past, but she still knows musical notes and painting techniques.
  46. If You Want to Remember This, Go for a Run 4 Hours From NowA “comfortably hard” workout is a power-up for memory.
  47. The Man Whose Life Was One Long Case of Déjà VuHe was convinced that everything — from news events to family gatherings — had already happened before.
  48. Losing Your Keys Is a Painful Reminder of How Memory Really WorksAlso: “Well, where did you last see them?” is the dumbest question.
  49. How to Turn Any Random Object Into a Memory CueThe world is your Post-it note.
  50. ‘Unethical Amnesia’ Explains Why People Conveniently Forget Their Awful BehaviorIt has to do with the concept of self.
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