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  1. Why You Sometimes Mix Up Your Friend’s Name With Your Dog’s NameA new study on a strange little brain tic.
  2. How an Actor Memorized Paradise Lost Says a Lot About How Memory Really WorksLike reciting a 350-page novel.
  3. How to Make Yourself Forget a Bad MemoryNew research offers a trick.
  4. Try Drawing Your To-Do List Instead of Writing ItA new study suggests it’ll make things easier to remember.
  5. Is Superior Memory Really a Form of OCD?Some researchers say yes, but others are skeptical.
  6. Why Does Time Seem to Slow Down on Tuesdays?The science of the workweek time warp.
  7. Why Do I Forget Why I Entered a Room the Minute I Enter It?It’s called the “doorway effect.”
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    A Common, Important Belief About Memory May Be WrongWhen we look back at an experience, does the end of it really matter more?
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    Bad Memory? Try Glancing at a Hot PersonBut whatever you do, do not engage.
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    Some of Your Best Anecdotes Are Probably StolenIt’s apparently pretty common for people to plagiarize personal stories. 
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    This Man Thought His Family Was Replaced by Evil ClonesIt doesn’t end well.
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    What It’s Like to Remember Nothing From Your PastNo looking back. Because you can’t.   
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    The Science of ‘Accidental’ Joke-Stealing and PlagiarismExperiments show why it isn’t always the joke stealer’s fault.
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    32-Year-Old Woman Wakes Up Thinking She’s 15She was convinced it was 1992. 
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    People Are Really Bad at Drawing the Apple Logo From MemoryWe kind of stop paying attention to things if we see them all the time. 
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    You’re Not Losing Your Memory. You’re Just Distracted.The difference between flaky moments of forgetfulness and potential signs of Alzheimer’s.
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    Is It Possible Brian Williams Really ‘Misremembered’?Human memory is weird. 
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    Can Your Brain Permanently Delete Something Like Your PIN?When trying to recall something you’ve forgotten only ensures that you’ll keep forgetting. 
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    Closing Your Eyes Helps You Remember StuffSo says science.
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    It’s Crazy How Easy It Is to Make People Falsely Remember Committing a CrimeAfter three interviews with researchers, 70 percent of study participants were wrongly convinced they’d committed theft or assault during their teen years.
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    How to Hack Your Holiday MemoriesRemember that epic eight-hour New Year’s party, not those eight hours on a tarmac.
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    What ‘Serial’ Can Teach us About MemoryWe’re relying on some dangerously outdated notions about how human memory works.
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    What It’s Like to Remember Almost Everything That Has Ever Happened to YouThe benefits and downsides of hardly ever forgetting.
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    Miley Cyrus Remembers Which Outfits Got Her Laid“Wearing a skirt that got me lucky last time.”
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    20 Minutes of Lifting Can Improve Your MemoryIt seems to perk up our brains.  
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    An Important New Insight Into How Women Remember ChildbirthA couple of brief moments of intense pain can trump an otherwise “easy” birth.
  27. Why Women Have More Childhood Memories Than MenIt could come down to how parents talk to boys when they’re little. 
  28. Scrabble Versus Crossword Champs: Who’s Smarter?Either way, both types of word nerds are smarter than you. 
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    How Long-Term Couples Share a Brain (Sorta)New research shows how your significant other helps you remember. 
  30. What If You Could Just ‘Forget’ to Bite Your Nails?It may be possible to willfully purge bad habits from your brain.
  31. Could This Odd Invention Save Babies From Dying in Hot Cars?Sometimes, trusting your own memory isn’t enough.
  32. Faces Are the New PasswordsWe’re bad at remembering passwords but really good at recognizing faces.
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    The Childhood Molestation I Don’t RememberIf I’d never found out, would I still be traumatized?