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Men’s Rights

  1. but what about men
    Tucker Carlson Launches Male Empowerment Series During Women’s History Month“We hear a lot about female empowerment in this country.”
  2. The Face of the Father’s Rights Movement Was an Abusive BoyfriendEven this mixed-up movement deserves a better spokesman than Jason Patric.
  3. video
    Watch the Men’s Rights Rant on Orange Is the New BlackNon-binge-watchers: spoilers ahead!
  4. mras
    Men’s Rights Go Mainstream on SNLLeft-leaning New Republic and Saturday Night Live address men’s rights activism. 
  5. celebrity parenting
    Kate Winslet Versus the Men’s Rights ActivistsFathers4Justice say she’s shutting her ex-husband out of their children’s lives. He disagrees.
  6. choices
    Should Men Be Able to Opt Out of Fatherhood? Why “fairness” isn’t a compelling argument to relieve men of the financial burden of unintended pregnancy. 
  7. ladies’ night
    Men’s Rights Activist Says Bottle Service Is the New Back of the BusA judge disagrees. 
  8. men’s rights
    New App to ‘Doxx’ Men With Penis Size, Income Raises Rancor on RedditTwo genders can play this game, sadly.