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Men’s Rights Activists

  1. power
    These Men’s Rights Groups Are Now Listed As Hate GroupsThe Southern Poverty Law Center added “A Voice for Men” and “Return of Kings” to their annual list of hate groups.
  2. money
    Why Are Men’s Rights Activists So Into Bitcoin?They’re saying it’s a good way to conceal money from your wife during a divorce.
  3. Alt-Right Blogger Posts Names From ‘Shitty Men in Media’ ListMike Cernovich, a man charged with rape himself, has begun outing men from the once-secret list.
  4. Betsy DeVos’s Title IX Rollback Is a Victory for Men’s-Rights GroupsHer decision to scrap the “Dear Colleague” letter proves she’s on their side when it comes to campus rape.
  5. charlottesville
    Men’s-Rights Activism Is the Gateway Drug for the Alt-RightBoth movements appeal to those with fantasies of violent, sometimes apocalyptic redemption.
  6. title ix
    Betsy Devos Will Reportedly Meet With Men’s-Rights GroupsBetsy DeVos may sit down with representatives from groups like the National Coalition for Men.
  7. Inside the Dangerous Convergence of Men’s-Rights Activists and the Alt-RightRacist killer James Jackson’s online behavior reveals how these two hate-fueled groups are coming together.
  8. trumped up
    Quiz: Who Said It, Donald Trump or a Men’s Rights Activist? Surprisingly hard. 
  9. can u not
    Men’s-Rights Activists Are Using Civil-Rights Legislation to Sue WomenThe members of the National Coalition for Men are using California anti-discrimination legislation to make a buck.
  10. social justice warriors
    The Men of Menimism Are So Weak The new anti-feminist movement, if real, is pretty lame.