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Men Are The New Women

  1. men are the new women
    How ESPN Is Redefining Masculinity: ‘Commentators Drool Over Other Men’s Abs, Thighs, and Guns’See, all you sports-disinterested people forced into watching games? You do have something in common with real fans.
  2. men are the new women
    Thom Browne Thinks Men Should Be More Like Women in Their Dressing Habits“Sometimes it’s embarrassing when you see couples out and the girl has clearly taken so much time over her appearance and the guy just looks bad.”
  3. men are the new women
    Adam Lambert Has a Karl Lagerfeld Approach to Men’s Jewelry“I just take it as far as I can take it.”
  4. men are the new women
    Men, Want Shrinkage? Spanx for Men Is HereThree styles are available for preorder on Spanx.com.
  5. men are the new women
    Trophy Jackets Versus Trophy GirlfriendsDolce & Gabbana suggest men spend money on beaded jackets instead of women this spring.
  6. men are the new women
    Rodarte Now Makes Man Sweaters!They’re not all that different from the chick sweaters.
  7. Hey, Men, Get Your Boobs Out!Heavage is HAPPENING.
  8. men are the new women
    Duckie Brown’s Steven Cox: Fabric Doesn’t Have Genitals“Like, why is a chiffon women’s and why is it not men’s?”
  9. men are the new women
    At Last, Macy’s Introduces a Designer Diffusion Line Exclusively for MenThey’re copying Target, and they will fully admit it.
  10. men are the new women
    Men Increasingly Ravenous for Fine Beauty ProductsThe world of face cream, they realize, is a glorious, tempting one indeed.
  11. men are the new women
    Hey, Men, Miuccia Prada Wants You to Dress Like WomenYou haven’t seen the last of Prada man skirts.
  12. men are the new women
    Rad Hourani Puts Men in High HeelsFirst mirdles and murses. Now actual high heels. When will it end?
  13. men are the new women
    Average Dad Proves Man Girdles Actually WorkThey made him five centimeters thinner!
  14. men are the new women
    Man Corsets Flying Off the Shelves at SaksAlso known as man girdles or ‘mirdles.’
  15. men are the new women
    Adam Lambert: Fashion TrailblazerTight leather pants, black nail polish, platform shoes — if Lambert can do it, so can you.
  16. men are the new women
    Shoppers Evidently Have an Appetite for Thom Browne’s Man SkirtThe suits that formerly retailed for $4,370 have sold out in an online sale.
  17. men are the new women
    Men Must Shop for Newly Trendy Preppy Things, And They Are Loving ItThey need new things, like gingham and seersucker, so they don’t look like they work on Wall Street.
  18. men are the new women
    Alexander McQueen Plots Secret, Undoubtedly Spectacular Men’s-Fashion-Show AlternativeSpring 2010 is already looking up.
  19. men are the new women
    Sales of Menswear Are Up!Men shop when they need things, women shop for recreation.
  20. men are the new women
    Men in Texas Spend the Most on ClothesNew York men spend the tenth most. What gives?
  21. men are the new women
    The Transformative Power of Stefano Pilati’s First Unisex Collection“The fishnet jumper clung in all the right places,” writes a man.