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  1. service journalism
    Is This the Secret to Mess-Free Period Sex?Boning while wearing a menstrual cup: an experiment.
  2. ovaries week
    Blood Hounds: They’re Obsessed With Period Sex“A real man goes down on you on your period. And loves it.”
  3. menstruation
    Embracing My Period at a Woodstock Moon LodgeHow I wound up chanting and chatting about menstrual sponges in the woods.
  4. modern menses
    The Rise of the Period Apps: Where Big Data Meets Girlie GraphicsIn which the Quantified Self begins to menstruate.
  5. teen girls
    Why Did a Fan Throw a Tampon at One Direction?Poetic sexual awakening or random boorishness?
  6. sex ed
    Six Things We Learned About Periods From Temple’s Student Newspaper“No one prepares guys for how to handle their ladies’ menstrual cycle.”