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Mental Illness

  1. crime
    The Man Who Killed Jordan Neely Has Been IndictedClearing the way for Daniel Penny’s criminal trial.
  2. girl interrupted
    Susanna Kaysen Reflects on Girl, Interrupted Turning 30“There was a way in which, for some people, the hospital could be a refuge or a haven, and I don’t think that’s true anymore.”
  3. power
    The Cost of White DiscomfortA train full of people who would rather look away, in a city whose leaders already had, saw Jordan Neely’s plea for help as an attack.
  4. power
    ‘I Would Like Everyone to Pretend That Was Their Son’AOC on Jordan Neely’s killing and who gets to feel safe in New York.
  5. crime
    Three Children Were Found Dead at Coney IslandPolice say their mother is suspected of drowning them.
  6. self
    Bella Hadid Regrets Her Nose Job“I think I would have grown into it.”
  7. celebrity
    We Still Don’t Know How to Talk About KanyeAs someone who shares his diagnosis, it’s clear recent coverage misses a big part of the story.
  8. first person
    I Know What It’s Like to Have Your Sanity QuestionedListening to Britney Spears’s testimony reminded me of my own time in psychiatric care.
  9. science of us
    Listening to EstrogenHormones have always been a third rail in female mental health. They may also be a skeleton key.
  10. science of us
    These Are Not Sad StoriesHow graphic medicine humanizes the world of health care.
  11. motherhood
    ‘Do I Really Want to Hurt My Baby?’Inside the disturbing thoughts that haunt new parents.
  12. atypical
    My Life With Borderline Personality DisorderA 31-year-old woman shares her story.
  13. crime
    A Crucial Question at the Nanny Trial: Is She Faking Her Hallucinations?The court tries to figure out whether Yoselyn Ortega really heard the Devil.
  14. science of us
    How My iPhone Helped Save My Mental HealthDuring bouts of anxiety and agoraphobia, it’s the only thing that kept me feeling anchored to reality.
  15. science of us
    When Anxiety Feels More Physical Than MentalI’d faced mental illness before, but this time, it was unrecognizable to me — possibly because my biggest symptom was a stomachache.
  16. When Drug Side Effects Make You Rethink What It Means to Have a ‘Good Life’For people on antidepressants, side effects like sexual dysfunction and rapid weight gain can become issues that require treatment of their own.
  17. Dogs With OCD Are Helping Scientists Understand the Human VersionIn dogs, the disorder can manifest itself as compulsive tail-chasing, licking, or chewing.
  18. People With Multiple Personalities Are Changing Psychologists’ Idea of the SelfDissociative identity disorder, in which people can have multiple personalities, raises the question: What makes a person who they are?
  19. personality psychology
    How Does Personality Affect Mental Health?New research offers up some potentially important correlations, and also highlights just how little control people can have over their mental health.
  20. There’s a Downside to Viewing Addiction As a Brain DiseaseIt’s not an accurate understanding of the current research, and in the past it has led to bad and overly harsh anti-drug policies.
  21. mental health
    Pretty Little Liars Star’s Anorexia Battle Is Part of Why She Supports HillaryTroian Bellisario says Hillary views mental health care as part of health care.
  22. mental illness
    Pakistan Is Going to Execute a Schizophrenic ManIt would be nice to say that the American justice system would never do something like this. It would also be false.
  23. police
    The Charles Kinsey Shooting Shows Police Still Have a Mental-Illness ProblemCops need better training and protocols when someone isn’t in a position to immediately, effortlessly comply.
  24. mental illness
    Why Do People With Certain Psychiatric Disorders Pair Off With One Another?An intriguing new study raises some provocative questions.
  25. Should Severely Depressed People Be Eligible for Physician-Assisted Suicide?A mini-documentary offers a really difficult, hard-to-watch example of what euthanasia laws look like in parts of Europe.
  26. mental illness
    A Heartbreaking Sequence About Bipolar DisorderWhere does your illness end and the “real” you begin?
  27. schizophrenia
    Scientists Made a Huge Genetic Discovery About Schizophrenia This WeekPinpointing the trigger of the mental disorder may lead the way to better treatments.
  28. mental illness
    A Powerful Essay About Race and Mental Illness “I was sure I was letting Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman down by talking about my silly little feelings.”
  29. mental illness
    Insights From People Dealing With Mental Illness“What screws us up most is the picture in our head of how things SHOULD be.”
  30. police shootings
    What a Tragedy in Toronto Can Teach Us About How Police Handle De-escalation“Slow down” seems to be a very important message for police officers dealing with people in crisis.
  31. mental illness
    Drugs and Talk Therapy Affect the Brain in Different WaysAnd sometimes they offer complementary benefits, suggests a new study.
  32. first person
    What It’s Like to Have ADHD As a Grown Woman“Isn’t that a little-boy thing?”
  33. mental health
    Psychosurgeons Are Burning Away OCD With LasersIt’s being used as a last resort for severe mental illness.  
  34. mental illness
    Police Are Killing a Lot of Mentally Ill PeopleAnd sometimes, the way they approach a distraught person escalates the situation instantly.
  35. facebook
    Facebook’s New Suicide-Prevention Features Are a Good StartAn attempt to use internet mobs for good rather than evil.
  36. race
    Minorities May Be More Likely to Get Inaccurate Mental-Illness DiagnosesA study out of Israel reveals some unfortunate aspects of the clinician-patient relationship.
  37. drugs
    The Truth About Psychedelic Drugs and Mental IllnessTwo new studies do some valuable debunking.
  38. mental health
    Watch This NBA Player’s Video About His Depression and AnxietyIt is honest and powerful.
  39. case reports
    Some People Have an Actual Phobia of Growing UpOne teenager cut down his food intake and adopted a stooped posture in the hopes he wouldn’t continue to mature physically.
  40. mental illness
    Schizophrenia May Actually Be 8 Disorders in OneA new study explains some of the genetic roots of the disease.
  41. kajieme powell
    It’s Really Difficult to Prevent ‘Suicide by Cop’When police protocol collides with suicidal behavior.
  42. mental illness
    Kajieme Powell Died Because Police Have Become America’s Mental-Health WorkersThis was a preventable tragedy, but prevention needed to start long before Powell was in an armed confrontation with police.
  43. mental illness
    Can We Make People With Severe Schizophrenia Happier?A new study suggests there isn’t a direct connection between the severity of the illness and the sufferers’ level of happiness.
  44. mental illness
    Robin Williams, Substance Abuse, and SuicideThe comedian’s death highlights an aspect of suicide research that doesn’t get the attention it deserves.
  45. psychiatry 2.0
    Can You Diagnose a Manic Episode on Twitter?Maybe, say prominent psychiatrists.
  46. first person
    The Women I Loved When I Was ManicLittle did they know my passion was a symptom of mental illness.