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  1. last night on late night
    Shailene Woodley Spills a Big Big Little Lies Spoiler“In the beginning of the next episode…”
  2. big little lies
    Yes, Adam Scott Is Very Intimidated by the Rest of the Big Little Lies CastAnd it doesn’t help that he’s flinging mucus around them.
  3. nooooooo
    Why on Earth Did Big Little Lies Cut That Deranged Ice-Cream Scene?A summer bummer.
  4. big little lies
    I Could Watch Meryl Streep and Reese Witherspoon Insult Each Other All DayThey keep sparring on Big Little Lies, to incredible effect.
  5. roll clip!
    Meryl Streep’s Big Little Lies Scream Is the Song of SummerOh, sorry, is her grief too loud for you?
  6. big little teeth
    The Rumors Are True: Meryl Streep Wore Tiny Fake Teeth in ‘Big Little Lies’“She needed to be believable.”
  7. celebrity
    Let Meryl Streep Bowl However She WantsReese Witherspoon claims Steep is “bad” at bowling. Hm.
  8. passions
    I Absolutely Love Mamma Mia!An exhaustive list of every reason you’ll love the sequel just as much as I do.
  9. hot shot
    Here’s Cher and Meryl Streep Smooching[Sound of angels singing … an ABBA song]
  10. the beauty of it all
    Francesco Clark of Clark’s Botanicals Wants Everyone to Wake UpThe CEO of the beauty brand has an incredible story.
  11. oscars 2018
    The Cute Moment the Best Actress Oscars Nominees Hugged After LosingMargot Robbie, Saoirse Ronan, Sally Hawkins, and Meryl Streep group-hugged it out.
  12. 2018 oscars
    Meryl Streep Gives the People What They Want at the OscarsAnother meme.
  13. 2018 oscars
    Tiffany Haddish Surprised Meryl Streep on Oscars Red CarpetShe jumped a rope line and curtsied.
  14. lawsuits
    Jennifer Lawrence on Harvey Weinstein: This Is What Predators DoWeinstein’s lawyers tried to cite Lawrence and Meryl Streep as examples of women who still support him. It did not go over well.
  15. the harvey weinstein case
    Harvey Weinstein’s Lawyers Are Using Jennifer Lawrence to Defend Him in CourtHis lawyers claimed some women still support Weinstein.
  16. celebrity
    Meryl Streep Is Trademarking Her NameAccording to TMZ.
  17. good things
    The Best Reactions to Meryl Streep Joining Big Little Lies Season 2“Can’t believe Meryl Streep will be the first person to win an Oscar for a TV performance.”
  18. big little lies
    Meryl Streep Is Joining the Cast of Big Little Lies Season TwoShe’ll play Perry’s mother, Mary Louise Wright.
  19. golden globes 2018
    8 Actresses Will Be Bringing Activists As Their Dates to the Golden GlobesTarana Burke, Marai Larasi, Rosa Clemente, Ai-jen Poo, Mónica Ramírez, Calina Lawrence, Saru Jayaraman, and Billie Jean King will walk the red carpet.
  20. me too
    Meryl Streep Says You Should Care About Melania Trump’s #MeToo Silence, Not Hers“She has so much that’s valuable to say. And so does Ivanka.”
  21. sexual misconduct
    Someone’s Been Putting Up Posters Claiming Meryl Streep Knew About WeinsteinConservative street artist Sabo has taken credit for them.
  22. the industry
    Amber Tamblyn Calls Out Rose McGowan for ‘Taunting’ Golden Globes ProtestAfter Rose McGowan suggested the protest was shallow, Tamblyn asked that she not shame or taunt the activism of other women.
  23. sexual harassment
    Meryl Streep Is Working on a Plan to Fix Sexism in HollywoodIt includes a list of “non-negotiable” demands from actresses.
  24. sexual harassment
    How Do We Handle Allegations Against the Men We Admire?The women of SNL’s letter in support of Al Franken raises some important questions.
  25. gallery
    Iconic Photos by a Celebrity PortraitistDuane Michals photographed everyone from Maya Angelou to Robin Williams.
  26. Miranda Priestly and Anna Wintour Finally Met IRLMeryl Streep covers Vogue’s special issue.
  27. the harvey weinstein case
    Meryl Streep Releases Statement on Harvey Weinstein Scandal“Not everybody knew.”
  28. making faces
    What Was Everyone in the Oscars Audience Thinking When Moonlight Actually Won?Every kind of shock, from Meryl to the Rock.
  29. red carpet derby
    The Best, Worst, and Most Headbanded Looks of the 2017 OscarsThus far, the night has declared one clear winner: headbands.
  30. niche drama
    Meryl Streep Issues Scathing Response to Karl Lagerfeld’s Oscar Dress CommentsDo not come for Meryl.
  31. cancel order
    Karl Lagerfeld Calls Out Meryl Streep for Canceling an Order for a Chanel Dress“A genius actress, but cheapness also, no?”
  32. wrinkles in time
    Death Becomes Her Taught Me Everything I Need to Know About AgingTwenty-five years later, the movie is still keeping me from getting Botox.
  33. golden globes 2017
    Trump Adviser Condemns Meryl Streep’s Divisive RhetoricStreep is “inciting people’s worst instincts,” Kellyanne Conway said, after the actress disparaged Trump’s impression of a disabled person.
  34. important speeches
    Donald Trump Dismisses ‘Hillary Lover’ Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes SpeechTrump was “not surprised” that “liberal movie people” denounced him.
  35. golden globes 2017
    Give Meryl Streep an Emmy for Her Incredible Anti-Trump Golden Globes Speech“As my friend the dear, departed Princess Leia said: Take your broken heart, make it into art.”
  36. women in hollywood
    It’s Probably Not a Great Idea to Give Meryl Streep Acting AdviceNo one tells Meryl how to do her job.
  37. body positivity
    25 Famous Women on Body ImageBody positivity from Serena Williams, Meryl Streep, Adele, and more.
  38. bleep bleep bloop
    Meryl Streep Confused by Snapchat and Sexting and Honestly, SameWhat’s the difference again?
  39. presidential qualities
    Meryl Streep Says Hillary Clinton Has GritMeryl Streep wants to know where Hillary Clinton gets her “grit and her grace.”
  40. rude
    Will Meryl Streep’s Children Please Just Let Her Sing?Come be our mom, Meryl Streep. We’ll let you sing any time you want.
  41. buddy comedies
    Meryl Streep and Michelle Obama Going to MoroccoSeems like the plot of a Nancy Meyers movie.
  42. donald streep
    Meryl Streep Just Played Donald Trump OnstageStreep played the Donald in a political version of “Brush Up Your Shakespeare.”
  43. heroes
    Meryl Streep Sang Hamilton“Women are suddenly in the room where it happens.”
  44. add a side of streep
    Introducing ‘Taste of Streep’: Meryl Streep and a Bunch of Food Blessed by the internet.
  45. vintage hollywood
    How Celebrities Dressed Before the ‘Red Carpet’ Became a JuggernautNot a stylist in sight.
  46. heroes
    Nicki Minaj Wants an Acting Career Like Meryl Streep’sWho doesn’t?
  47. greatest hits
    How Beyoncé, Meryl, Natalie, and More Celebrities Wore LanvinDeparting designer Alber Elbaz is really good at making women look amazing.
  48. party pics
    Lady Gaga and Solange Partied This WeekPlus: Justin Timberlake, Amy Schumer, Carrie Brownstein, and more in this week’s party roundup. 
  49. human rights
    Amnesty International Recommends Decriminalizing Sex WorkThe human-rights organization voted in favor of full decriminalization today.
  50. party pics
    Channing Tatum and Nick Jonas Partied This WeekAlong with Anna Wintour, Diane Kruger, and Tyson Beckford.
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