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Met Costume Institute Gala

  1. the ball
    Kate Moss to Wear Bedazzled Turban to Met Gala?We are prepared for an avalanche of turbans on our streets to follow.
  2. the ball
    Marc Jacobs to Bring Courtney Love and Madonna to the Met Gala?It’s the best table in the history of tables!
  3. fashion album
    ‘i-D’ Magazine’s Delightful Cross-dressing SpreadLillian Berlin, the very secure lead singer of the band Living Things, posed in designer women’s duds in the April issue of ‘i-D.’ And he looks fabulous.
  4. run through
    Big-Deal Jewelry Auction Halted, Investment Bankers FrustratedThe auction of $34 million worth of jewels was dramatically halted just moments before its start when the jewels’ owner — who happens to own Fred Leighton — filed for Chapter 11.
  5. fashion calendar
    Events and Sales: Jump on the Spa Bus; 75 Percent Off John Hardy JewelryTake a ride on the double-decker spa bus; get up to 75 percent off Hickey today and 70 percent off Diane Von Furstenberg starting tomorrow.
  6. cult of personality
    Bravo Begins the Arduous Process of Pimping Rachel Zoe’s ShowIn a press release we received today, we’ve been reminded that Zoe’s show is coming, and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it. Shudder.
  7. loose threads
    Gap’s New Design Editions Are Now on Sale, and It’s Safe to Go Buy ThemGap’s New Design Editions by guest designers like Phillip Lim are selling briskly, but there’s not a lot of in-store violence. Also: video clips of insane brides, a horrid runway fall, and the lovely Simon Doonan.
  8. beauty marks
    Science Suggests Botox Can Get to Your BrainIt’s true! A toxin in Botox has reached lab animals’ brains; Virgin Atlantic’s new fragrance smells like a leather sofa; and the new M.A.C line is launching in Asia only, but you can find a small supply of it in Manhattan.
  9. run through
    Calling All Fragrance-Inspired Filmmakers’Vogue’ is offering $10,000, awesome exposure, and two tickets to the “Oscars of the fragrance industry” to whoever can make the best perfume-inspired film.
  10. body issues
    Breaking: France Is ThisClose to Banning Skinny ModelsA bill in France that would make it illegal for anyone to publicly incite extreme thinness has passed the lower house and is moving on to the Senate.
  11. cult of personality
    Spencer and Heidi Scream All Over ‘The Hills’We welcome you back to a Monday-evening episode of ‘The Hills,’ subtly titled “Girls Night Out.” It’s only one episode tonight, folks, and let us say: Amen.
  12. party lines
    Life Ball 2008: Agent Provocateur Guarantees Less ClothingAt a preview party last night for the 2008 Life Ball — a charity dedicated to fighting AIDS — organizer Gery Keszler announced the newest designer for its May festivities in Vienna.
  13. run through
    By Moving Into CBGB, Varvatos Saved the Bowery From a BankMuch to the chagrin of many a hipster, blogger, and grizzled ol’ punk, John Varvatos just opened a new store in CBGB’s old home, and he doesn’t really seem to be going anywhere. But maybe everyone should hold off the Haterade for a second.
  14. run through
    Kitson Stays True to Victoria Beckham’s Denim LineEarlier this week ‘News of the World’ reported Victoria Beckham’s dVb denim line would be discontinued at L.A. boutique Kitson. But something didn’t seem right about that.
  15. loose threads
    Victoria’s Secret Sues Macy’s; Naomi Campbell Flies AgainVictoria’s Secret says the Macy’s Pinkish line is too similar to its Pink line, Naomi Campbell flew all the way to Brazil yesterday, and Patrick Dempsey wears spandex pants.
  16. fashion calendar
    Events and Sales: Meet Ralph Rucci; Last Chance at 75 Percent Off MissoniRalph Rucci of Chado Ralph Rucci stops by Bergdorf today, L’Uomo marks 30 to 50 percent off all store stock, and everything at Nick & Nora is under $50.
  17. cult of personality
    Marc Jacobs Stars in a Gratuitous Magazine SpreadMarc Jacobs has been hovering near the overexposed danger zone for some time. Thanks to the spread ‘T:Style’ devoted to him and French actress Elodie Bouchez clad almost entirely in stuff designed by him, he’s finally crossed over.