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Met Gala 2018

  1. met gala 2018
    Tom Ford and Vogue Are Furious About Amal Clooney’s Met Gala Outfit ChangesAccording to “Page Six.”
  2. reviews
    The Met’s ‘Heavenly Bodies’ Show Is Worth the PilgrimageIt’s gorgeous, moving, and surprisingly witty.
  3. where’s the beef?
    Cardi B Opens Up About Her Drama With Nicki Minaj“There was a misunderstanding.”
  4. first person
    Dressing for Church Taught Me Everything I Know About Fashion“Sunday best” means more than the Met Gala to me.
  5. rebels without a cause
    Here’s How the Met Gala Stopped Celebs From Smoking This YearBut did anyone Juul?
  6. rihanna is my pope
    See Rihanna’s Pope Met Gala Outfit Before It Came to LifeMaison Margiela shares sketches of the showstopping look exclusively with the Cut.
  7. met gala 2018
    Gigi Hadid Debuted a New Maybelline Eye-Shadow Palette at the Met GalaColors inspired by sodas.
  8. met gala 2018
    Scarlett Johansson Explains Why She Wore Marchesa to the Met GalaWhat kind of message was she trying to send?
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    Cardi B’s Security Reportedly Beat a Guy Up After the Met GalaHe was allegedly hounding her for an autograph.
  10. gallery
    Hidden Scenes From the Met Gala 2018 Red CarpetPhotographer Noam Galai shot celebrities between takes.
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    This Video of Anna Wintour Set to ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ Will Burn Into Your BrainIt happened at the Met Gala, of course.
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    The Best Celebrity Instagrams From Inside the Met GalaFrom Kim Kardashian West to Madonna.
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    Priyanka Chopra Matched Her Lipstick to Her Met Gala DressHere are the exact products she used.
  14. met gala 2018
    Actual Priest Gets Tons of Compliments on Met Gala Outfit“I love your costume.”
  15. met gala 2018
    Madonna Gave a Surprise Performance at the Met GalaYou didn’t think she of the burning crosses would let the Catholicism-themed Met Gala get away from her, did you?
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    Twitter’s Funniest Catholic Poet Reviews the 2018 Met GalaPatricia Lockwood (and her mom) talk Jesus, fashion, and who wore it best.
  17. What Would You Wear to Meet God?We asked celebrities at the Met Gala.
  18. heavenly bodies
    The Best (and Worst) Met Gala Beauty LooksWhat kind of lipstick pairs well with a halo?
  19. met gala 2018
    Best Reactions to Cardi B’s Stunning Met Gala Look“Cardi B in her Met Gala fit looks like the goddess you pray to to get knocked up.”
  20. met gala 2018
    Jasmine Sanders Wore Real Roses in a Braid at the Met GalaIt was her very first Met Gala.
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    The Funniest Tweets From This Year’s Met GalaIt’s fashion’s most meme-able event.
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    The Wildest Hair Accessories at the Met Gala 2018Crowns so extravagant, they’d make Marie Antoinette blush.
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    Elon Musk and Grimes Spent ‘Date Night’ at the Met GalaAlso, he says he helped “sketch” her dress.
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    Jaden Smith Brought Another Non-Human Date to the Met GalaFirst his hair, now this.
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    Met Gala 2018: The Best, Worst, and Most Sacrilegious LooksFrom Katy Perry’s wings to Solange’s tentacles.
  26. met gala 2018
    Rihanna Is Wearing a Freaking Pope Hat!Bless us, Pope Rihanna.
  27. guess who?
    Guess Which Celebrity Is Underneath This Wild HeaddressThe best hat of the night (and yes, we’re counting Rihanna).
  28. red carpet derby
    Met Gala 2018: See All the Dresses on the Red CarpetUpdated live throughout the night.
  29. met gala 2018
    Catholic High School Students Are Unrelentingly InventiveOn the fashion rebellions of uniform-wearing teens.
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    All of the Celebrities Getting Ready for the Met GalaWhile some got multiple facials, others stress-ate In-N-Out burgers.
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    Which Celebrities Are Attending This Year’s Met Gala?Inside the guest list of the year’s most exclusive party.
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    Please Don’t Forget There’s a Met Gala Movie Coming Out This SummerHere’s everything we know about Ocean’s 8.
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    Everything You Need to Know About the 2018 Met GalaIncluding when and where to watch.
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    The Met Is Releasing Its First Makeup CollectionOnly the best for the Met Gala gift shop.
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    The Official Met Gala 2018 Drinking GameTake a sip every time you see a rosary.
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    Celebs Apparently Don’t Think the Met Gala Is ‘an Enjoyable Evening’One source described the event as “the Mean Girls of galas.”
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    The Best Celebrity Drama From the Met Gala Throughout the YearsWhat will 2018 have in store for us?
  38. oh my god
    13 Ungodly Things We’d Like to See at the Catholic-Themed Met GalaRihanna in the Popemobile, obviously.
  39. oh my god
    The Met Gala 2018 Theme Has Been RevealedDid not see this one coming.