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  1. celebrity weddings
    Sheryl Sandberg Got Married This WeekendShe and Tom Bernthal had a western-themed wedding in Wyoming.
  2. life after roe
    Are Social-Media Platforms Censoring Information About Abortion?Facebook and Instagram have been restricting and removing posts intended to help people seeking reproductive care.
  3. power
    Sheryl Sandberg Is No Longer ‘Leaning In’ at FacebookThe longtime Facebook COO is stepping down.
  4. no thanks mark
    Facebook Once Again Gives Us Something No One Asked ForYesterday, the corporation announced it would be rebranding as Meta.
  5. meta
    Canadian Police Catch Women Who Escaped From Prison at an Escape RoomHow on brand.
  6. Is Psychology’s Replication Crisis Really Overblown?A response to a famous study from August is making waves, but there’s less there than meets the eye.