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  1. politics
    Even Trump’s Tie Doesn’t Wanna Be at the State of the UnionIt tried to escape.
  2. politics
    Republican Senator Uses Porcupine-Sex Metaphor to Explain Health-Care BillSenator Pat Roberts explained the Obamacare repeal with an … interesting metaphor.
  3. metaphors
    Rob Pruitt Likens Spray-Painting Jeans to Casual SexHis reasoning is unclear.
  4. metaphors
    Kristen Stewart Will Not Be Your Bag of ChipsA good new metaphor. 
  5. euphemisms
    Cameron Diaz’s Life Work is Vagina EuphemismsMixed metaphors aplenty.
  6. metaphors
    Everyone Talks Fixing Life at Girls PremiereIt’s the theme
  7. metaphors
    Michelle Williams Growing Out Her HairIf you know what she means. (Do you?)
  8. design hunting
    Design Hunting: Backstage at the Ballet, Up Front at the Ace HotelGlass terrarium blobs, amazing feats of wallpaper, and the friendliest door-hipster in New York: Wendy Goodman brings them home.