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Michael Ball

  1. crimes of fashion
    Michael Ball in Hotter Water Than EverThe Rock & Republic founder has been implicated in professional cycling’s massive doping scandal.
  2. scandale!
    Rock & Republic Founder Accused of Aiding a Somewhat High Profile Sham MarriageHe has so many fun legal things to deal with this spring.
  3. party lines
    Michael Ball Shows Kirsten Dunst, Eva Amurri, Chris Benz, and More a Really Good TimeThe Rock & Republic designer gladly extended an open bar out of his own pocket at the Beatrice Inn last night, and, well, things got a little crazy.
  4. party lines
    Michael Ball: ‘Recession? I’ve Got Five Girlfriends Now, Instead of Two’Have you been wondering why last night’s Rock & Republic shit-show, scheduled for 8 p.m., started well after 9 p.m.?