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  1. civil rights
    It Turns Out a Brief Conversation Really Can Change Minds on LGBT IssuesData falsification was only a temporary roadblock to an important finding that could fight bias against transgender people and other groups.
  2. michael lacour
    Princeton University Has Rescinded Its Employment Offer to Michael LaCourThe scandal appears to be winding down.
  3. michael lacour
    Is Social Science a Giant Liberal Conspiracy?It obviously is, opines The Wall Street Journal in the wake of the Michael Lacour scandal.
  4. social science
    Will Academia Waste the Michael LaCour Scandal?Social scientists have two choices for how to respond to this scandal. One is easy; the other’s right.
  5. michael lacour
    Michael LaCour Probably Fabricated a Document About Research Integrity“It was an early warning sign of bigger issues.”
  6. michael lacour
    The Strangest Thing About LaCour’s ResponseA major issue goes entirely unaddressed.
  7. debunking
    How a Grad Student Uncovered a Huge Fraud“What’s the book? There’s no book for this. What do we do?’”
  8. michael lacour
    Michael LaCour Made Up a Teaching Award, Too It appears the fabrication extends to another part of his CV.
  9. The Largest Funding Source Listed on Michael LaCour’s CV Is Made-Up [Updated]There appears to have been a lot of fabrication going on.
  10. debunking
    An Interview With Donald Green, the Co-Author of the Faked Gay-Marriage Study“I’m quite embarrassed by the whole situation, embarrassed to have any role in the situation.”