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Michael Roberts

  1. things to read
    Grace Coddington’s Memoir Won’t Be a Tell-All“This book’s not gossipy. It’s more a record.”
  2. the frow
    Making Front-Row Seating Charts Is Harder This Season Than Ever BeforeBecause now all the editors can’t stand to sit next to each other.
  3. ins and outs
    Sally Singer Is Pulling Someone New to Replace Anne Christensen As T’s Fashion DirectorStaffers are reportedly not happy with how Christensen has been treated.
  4. first looks
    Carlos Miele: A Whole New Look at Look BooksThe designer’s new look book employs a trifecta of talent: Michael Roberts, Tim Blanks, and Caroline Trentini.
  5. run through
    On the Matter of Miley Cyrus’s Bedsheet’Vanity Fair’ fashion and style director Michael Roberts is upset everyone called Cyrus’s attire a “bedsheet.” It’s actually a specially-made satin stole.