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Michelle Carter

  1. crime
    Woman Convicted in Texting-Suicide Case to Be Released EarlyMichelle Carter, who was convicted of urging her boyfriend to kill himself over text, is getting out of jail tomorrow.
  2. crime
    Teen Who Urged Her Boyfriend to Kill Himself Over Text Is Going to JailMichelle Carter will serve 15 months for involuntary manslaughter.
  3. crime
    Michelle Carter Is Now Being Sued for Urging Her Boyfriend to Commit SuicideBut she has the unexpected support of Amanda Knox.
  4. Woman Who Urged Her Boyfriend to Commit Suicide Sentenced to 2.5 Years in PrisonShe’ll serve 15 months now, and the rest of her sentence will be suspended until August 2022.
  5. Woman Who Urged Her Boyfriend to Kill Himself Found Guilty of ManslaughterMichelle Carter sent her boyfriend, Conrad Roy, numerous texts urging him to kill himself.
  6. awful things
    Teen Who Texted Her Boyfriend Encouraging His Suicide Will Go on TrialMichelle Carter has been charged with involuntary manslaughter.
  7. cut cover story
    Does Encouraging Suicide Make You a Killer?A teenager sent her depressed boyfriend hundreds of messages prodding him to kill himself. Now she’s been charged with manslaughter.