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Michelle Obama’s Bangs

  1. to brow or not to brow
    Michelle Obama Unveils Her New ‘Power Brows’Delevingne Brows trickle up. 
  2. mobama watch
    Michelle Obama Hopes to Be ‘Really Fly’ at 90 Years OldShe’s well on her way.
  3. michelle obama’s bangs
    Michelle Obama Has Retired Her BangsBut we’ll never forget them.
  4. hairy situations
    Justin Timberlake’s Straight Hair Met Michelle Obama’s BangsHair legends unite.
  5. mobama watch
    Michelle Obama Admits Her Bangs Are ‘Irritating’She’s growing them out.
  6. mobama watch
    Michelle Obama Brushes Off Criticism Over Oscars, BangsShe’s “absolutely not surprised.”
  7. mobama watch
    Michelle Obama’s Second Official Portrait, Bangs EditionA superficial analysis.
  8. quotables
    Michelle Obama Bangs Result of Midlife CrisisNot a lot of options for a First Lady.