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  1. party pics
    Leonardo DiCaprio and Iman Partied This WeekPlus: Cara Delevingne, Martha Stewart, Nicole Kidman, and more highlights from this week’s parties. 
  2. party pics
    Kendall and Cara Partied Hard in Cannes Along with Jane Fonda, St. Vincent, Natalie Portman, and more.
  3. aggressively enjoying life
    Michelle Rodriguez, Brant Brothers Share Early Summer DipA harbinger of things to come. 
  4. quotables
    Michelle Rodriguez’s Spirit Is Just So Darn FreeShe’ll say it once, she’ll say it twice, she’ll say it until the cows come home. 
  5. everything ends
    The Best Summer Fling of 2014 Comes to an EndImprobable pairing, Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez, split up. 
  6. look of the day
    Michelle Rodriguez Is Still With Cara Delevingne, Politically SpeakingTheir desire to #freethenipple outlasted their romance.
  7. look of the day
    Michelle Rodriguez Wore a SpongeBob HatOn a yacht.
  8. seasonal champions
    Michelle Rodriguez Is the 2014 Champion of SummerWINS.
  9. unpredictable celebrity couples
    One Lover’s Journey From Cara Delevingne to Zac EfronMichelle Rodriguez makes out again. 
  10. power couples
    Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez: Still Beautiful, Less AmbiguousAn ambiguous relationship becomes an awesome one. 
  11. things you can do naked
    Michelle Rodriguez Meditated in the NudeJust like Buddha.
  12. slideshow
    Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez, in PicsRelive the international sapphic journey.
  13. red carpet
    See All the Red-Carpet Looks From the 2014 BAFTAsAngelina Jolie, Lupita Nyong’o, Cate Blanchett, and more. 
  14. Cara Delevingne Brought a Lightsaber to the Train StationTo complement her white linen drop-crotch pants. 
  15. quotable
    Michelle Rodriguez on Gay Rumors: ‘Eh, They’re Not Too Far Off’“I’ve gone both ways. I do as I please.”
  16. new york fugging city
    Someone Acts Like a Fugging Baby at Hilfiger Just for fun, let’s try a blind item for you gossip aficionados. Which ubiquitous, young(ish) singer didn’t get seated with the other cool kids at Tommy Hilfiger’s show and spent the entire production pulling a completely petulant bitchface?
  17. party lines
    Marc Jacobs After-party Unlike Any That Has Come BeforeThe extreme lateness of the Marc Jacobs show made for perhaps the least star-studded after-party we’ve ever seen the designer give.
  18. party lines
    Heath Ledger’s Wild Night: ‘This Is a Party?’According to spies at the Dazed & Confused dinner at the Bowery Hotel last night, Heath Ledger rolled into the room with five friends, looked around, and asked the first person he saw, “Is there food?”
  19. party lines
    Following the Leopard-Print Thongs to the Marc Jacobs PartyThe Marc Jacobs after-party apparently started well before the gargantuan crowd made its way to Eugene. During our half-hour mosey out of the Armory, Seth Meyers tugged on our elbow and pointed down. “What is a pair of underwear doing on the ground?” We never found out. But if you lost a leopard-print thong last night, you know where to look.
  20. party lines
    The Mystery of the Egg at the Marc Jacobs PartyIt was just sitting there alone, abandoned, bizarrely out of place on a black drinks table in the middle of the club Eugene at the Marc Jacobs after-party. Kim Gordon, Michelle Rodriguez, hunky Dan Colen, and the designer himself, wan, shorn, and almost unrecognizable, twirled around it, obliviously. It was an egg. We touched it. Yes, definitely an egg.
  21. new york fugging city
    Michelle Rodriguez Furloughed for Marc Jacobs? The many alcohol-fueled antics and violated probations of actress Michelle Rodriguez have made it almost impossible for us to keep track of what, exactly, her current legal status is. And to be honest, she was so terrible on Lost that we kind of didn’t care. But Rodriguez may have given us all a clue as to her situation on Monday night at the Marc Jacobs show, when she showed up wearing what looked suspiciously like a police-issue anklet. Is she starting a spring trend of wearing leg jewelry that’s the size of a roll of duct tape and about as comfy-looking as a vise? If so, we are eager to see Lindsay Lohan sporting them all the way up her left calf, then tripping over her own lopsidedness as she attempts to leave an L.A. hotspot while flashing a peace sign. Rodriguez offset her, ahem, anklet, with a floaty, seasonally inappropriate strapless white confection. Michelle, has it been a while since you left home? It’s minus-eleventy outside, girl. Wiggle some stockings under that leg cuff, at the very least.