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Middle School

  1. culture
    Literally What Did We Do When We Were 13?An investigation.
  2. crime
    12-Year-Old Girl in Custody After Shooting at Middle SchoolTwo students were injured, one critically, after the attack at Salvador Castro Middle School in Los Angeles.
  3. journalism
    School Bars Student Journalists From Talking About Sexual MisconductThe Coronado Middle School morning news team announced they will stop broadcasting.
  4. must-haves
    All the Cool Girls Had One: 16 Women on Teen Status SymbolsTalking to Molly Ringwald, Judy Blume, Aly Raisman, Marilyn Minter, and more.
  5. popular
    I Faked Being Christian to Be CoolSocial climbing in the Bible Belt.
  6. another relatable advertisement
    Taylor Swift Pretends She Liked Jimmy Eat World in Middle SchoolDo you believe her?
  7. shoes
    The New Chuck Taylors Are More Comfortable, Less PunkThe iconic Converse shoes are getting their first update in 98 years. 
  8. teens
    ‘Feminist’ T-Shirt Censored in Middle-School Photo“I want everyone to realize that we need feminism.”