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  1. science of us
    7 Women on What Migraines Are Really Like“I do wish people understood that I don’t just have a headache.”
  2. health
    Why Did It Take So Long to Figure Out Migraines?Under-researched and highly dismissed, migraines have made sufferers a resourceful bunch. Though a new promising drug might finally offer them relief.
  3. Acupuncture May Help Treat Migraines, According to a New StudyA study showed acupuncture could help reduce frequency of attacks.
  4. You Aren’t Crazy, Trump Really Is Giving You More MigrainesThe election has been a headache for migraine sufferers.
  5. This Might Be Why You Get Migraines From Wine and ChocolateThanks, mouth bacteria.
  6. headaches
    This Might Be Why Wine and Chocolate Give You MigrainesThanks, mouth bacteria.
  7. wellness theories
    Bellamy Young Understands Your SkinnyPop Addiction“Now that I have, you know, a little age, I can see when I’m not taking good care of myself, when I really need to lie down and take a nap.”
  8. am i dying
    Are My Crushing Headaches Actually Migraines?Here’s what you should know.
  9. migraines
    In the Future, Nasal Sprays May Help Treat MigrainesIt could take a while, though.