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Mike Jeffries

  1. funny people
    James Corden Skewered Terry Richardson in His CFDA MonologueThe show’s host also zinged Kanye, Pharrell, and former Abercrombie CEO Mike Jeffries.
  2. Abercrombie Gave Its Corporate Jet the Heave-HoCorporate Kondo-ing.
  3. perfume genius
    Abercrombie Reduced Its Musk Levels by 25 Percent to Stay RelevantOlfactory math.
  4. retirees
    Abercrombie’s CEO Abruptly Retired“Effective immediately.”
  5. executive privileges
    Abercrombie Remains Uncool, Shareholders Sue CEOShareholders sue Mike Jeffries for lavish spending as the retail chain struggles. 
  6. abercrombie
    Abercrombie Will No Longer Be Your Mall’s Resident Techno CaveToning down the club vibes, nixing the moose logos. 
  7. retail
    Why Abercrombie Is Losing Its ShirtNobody knew teenagers like the retailer and its eccentric leader, Mike Jeffries. But taste can be so fickle.  
  8. drag
    Large Abercrombie & Fitch Employees Forced to Wear Men’s ClothingThis sounds illegal.
  9. crazy lawsuits
    Lawsuit: Abercrombie Jet Requires Pantless StaffLike a preppy fetish party midair.
  10. flyin’ first class livin’ my life
    Abercrombie CEO to Be Paid $4 Million to Make Fewer Personal Trips on the Company’s Private JetMan, they’re really frugal now!