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Miles Teller

  1. Miles Teller Has an Interesting Excuse for His Public-Intoxication ArrestWhat a non-dickish thing to do.
  2. bottle blondes
    Miles Teller Would Like to Apologize for His Awful Blonde Dye JobHe’s gone back to his roots.
  3. revisionist history
    Miles Teller Is Still Upset About Being Called a DickHe wants to set the record straight.
  4. bottle blondes
    What Has Miles Teller Gone and Done Now?Oh my.
  5. Miles Teller Assures Us He Is Not DisappointingHe said he was “misrepresented.”
  6. deal breakers
    Miles Teller: Such a DisappointmentHe told Esquire all about his beer tattoo.
  7. hunk logic
    Miles Teller: Perfectly, Wonderfully Attractive Enough“I think my face helps with that,” says Miles Teller about his career. 
  8. campaign trail
    Prada’s New Campaign Features 4 Highly Objectifiable MenNotably, Jack O’Connell.