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  1. power
    Chelsea Manning to Be Released From Jail After Suicide Attempt“Ms. Manning’s appearance before the grand jury is no longer needed. Her detention no longer serves any coercive purpose.”
  2. transgender rights
    Supreme Court Allows Trump’s Transgender Military Ban to Take EffectAfter months of being blocked by injunctions, the cruel policy will be allowed to go into effect.
  3. big boy parade
    Donald Trump’s Military Parade Costs 666 Percent More Than Originally EstimatedA cursed, extremely over-budget event.
  4. sexual assault
    The Pentagon Released Base-by-Base Data on Sexual Assault in the MilitaryThis is the first time the Pentagon has broken down the numbers by military base.
  5. sexual assault
    10 Army Officers Who Work in Sex-Abuse Prevention Have Been Accused of AssaultAccording to an investigation by the Washington Post.
  6. transgender rights
    Senator Says Gender Identity Didn’t Matter When She Was Injured in CombatThe Iraq War veteran blasted Trump’s trans military ban on CNN.
  7. Reports of Sexual Assaults Have Increased at U.S. Army, Navy AcademiesSexual misconduct has also reportedly increased at three of the main military academies in the U.S.
  8. The White House Says Women Should Be Required to Register for the Military DraftPresident Obama’s wants gender equality in the Selective Service.
  9. Trump Implied That ‘Strong’ People Don’t Get PTSD. He’s Wrong.It sounded like it was an innocent mistake, but it’s still a harmful myth.
  10. symbolic gestures
    Women Navy Recruits Are Now Given the Same Hats As MenIt’s the first step toward more gender-neutral uniforms.
  11. trends
    The 12 Trends You’ll Want to Wear Next FallVinyl! Leopard print! Fancy puffy coats!
  12. Admiral Signals Women Will Be Allowed to Become Navy SEALs“There is no reason” to exclude women who pass the test.
  13. three is a trend
    Army Green Has Been All Over the Spring RunwaysMilitary-inspired pieces are holding down the fort. 
  14. Veterans Who Killed in Combat Struggled Less With Alcohol AfterSometimes people bounce back from trauma.
  15. mindfulness
    Mindfulness Meditation Could Help Stressed-Out SoldiersMeditation could help counteract the mental toll of combat.
  16. the invisible war
    Military Sexual Assault: Not Patriotic, Still CommonYesterday’s alleged Air Force assault reinforced by new Pentagon report.
  17. brass ceiling
    Air Force Hearing Shows Why Women’s Combat Ban Needed to GoWould women have let this happen?
  18. general disgrace
    Four Generals, Four Scandals, and a Sprawling Rape CaseHow the Petraeus affair helps a general accused of rape.
  19. Step in Line: 30 Military-Style Pieces for FallAdd these weapons to your style arsenal.
  20. style tribes
    Here She Comes, Ms. Veteran America and Her ArmyMermaid dresses and dog tags: Inside America’s first military pageant.
  21. in the magazine
    The Deconstructed Soldier Look’s Latest RevivalIntroducing Fashionables, our new bi-weekly style feature.
  22. beauty marks
    Balenciaga’s Urban Tribal Warriors; Bobbi Brown’s Blush-Pink Lip ColorAnd François Nars is coming to New York.