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  1. hot potato
    Am I Ready to Drink a Potato?Potato milk is coming, and it sounds pretty gross.
  2. milk!!!
    How Much Milk Is Too Much Milk?Is it 12 gallons?
  3. no thanks
    Dairy Milk Is Even More Useless Than You ThoughtA new report looks closely at the (lack of) evidence surrounding the USDA recommendation of three servings a day.
  4. the facts
    Are Senators Truly Allowed to Drink Milk on the Floor?Investigating a deeply haunting rumor.
  5. ???
    What Is Happening in These Pictures of Brad Pitt?A milky, smoky boy.
  6. dope
    Milk Makeup Made More Weed Products for YouHappy holidays from the Kush fam!
  7. science of us
    The Next Milk Is Sesame “Milk”The milk frontier knows no bounds.
  8. really milking it
    6 Must-Haves From Milk Makeup’s Massive Secret SaleCBD mascara and more.
  9. let’s makeup
    Milk Makeup Launched a Glitter Collection for LGBTQ Pride“We are all unique specks of glitter that make up an ever-vibrant spectrum of individuality.”
  10. they seem cool
    The Sheet-Mask Aficionado Who Makes Zines on the SideBianca Valle works at Milk Studios but has endless side hustles.
  11. swellness
    Quick, Everybody Convince the Lifestyle Bloggers to Drink Cockroach MilkOUT: pea milk. IN: cockroaches.
  12. gallery
    Gus Van Sant’s Young Hollywood Icons, RevisitedPolaroids and paintings of Keanu Reeves, River Phoenix, Drew Barrymore, and more.
  13. watery liquids
    You Can Officially Stop Pretending Skim Milk Is at All PalatableThe calorie savings are probably not worth it.
  14. fads
    You Don’t Need This ‘High Protein’ NonsenseFast-food companies doing their thing, capitalizing on a rising fad. 
  15. freedom
    Heroic Study Says Milk Is Bad for WomenAn award for these researchers. 
  16. milk for the win
    More Designers Migrate to M·A·C & Milk This Fashion WeekWith QVC and the Kardashains at the Tents, is it any wonder?
  17. got milk
    156 Minutes With Mazdack Rassi, Founder and Creative Director of Milk StudiosThis year, Milk is a viable downtown alternative to the tents at Bryant Park. Meet the man behind it all.
  18. party lines
    Marc Jacobs Wants to Marry Lorenzo MartoneMarc says he’d do it “in a minute,” but Lorenzo wants to make sure “it’s the right choice.”