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Millennial Lifestyles

  1. good question
    Why Is Every Beauty Product a Stick Now?No more squeezing, only swiping.
  2. millennial lifestyles
    Millennials Discover Napkins Are Just Small Paper Towels Young people are too smart to fall prey to Big Napkin.
  3. millennial lifestyles
    Millennials Literally Too Lazy to Eat CerealWe like food that doesn’t require dishes.
  4. checking in
    Youths Check Their Phones Every 10 MinutesEver reliable, those youths.
  5. Survey: 30 Percent of Millennial Moms Text Their Partners Instead of Talkinghey, r u home? where’s the binky? :/ 
  6. my generation
    Baby Boomers Want to Be Just Like Us When They Grow UpPlanning their retirement, they look to millennials for tips.