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  1. millennials
    Everything Dolly Alderton Knows About LifeThe Everything I Know About Love author and screenwriter doles out life advice for Gen Z.
  2. the internet
    The Beginning of the End of Millennial DiscourseNo one is talking about what they think they’re talking about.
  3. the cut podcast
    30, Flirty, and ThrivingOn this week’s episode, embracing the Jenna Rink that has lived inside us since 2004.
  4. help!!!
    Side Parts Are for Olds?Gen Z would like you to part your hair down the center now.
  5. spring 2020 fashion issue
    Will the Millennial Aesthetic Ever End?Investigating the undying tyranny of terrazzo.
  6. gen z
    Here I Am, an Old Woman Crying at the Genius of Teens, AgainIn appreciation of these Michigan high-school seniors and their ID-photo costumes.
  7. power
    The Five Millennials (Actually) Changing the WorldAn honest list.
  8. sorry
    Unfortunately All These Millennial Brands Have to Be Canceled TooWe’re afraid it’s not just SoulCycle and Equinox.
  9. millennials
    Outsourcing AdulthoodCan you ever really grow up if you don’t do anything for yourself?
  10. millennials
    Millennials Are in Their ThirtiesUnbelievable.
  11. good question
    Why Is Every Beauty Product a Stick Now?No more squeezing, only swiping.
  12. food
    Do Millennials Really Not Eat Canned Tuna?The Cut investigates.
  13. science of us
    Why Are All Stories About Millennials and Sex Like This?Old people love having sex — in fact, they used to have it uphill, both ways, in the snow.
  14. beauty interviews
    Sasheer Zamata Goes to Bed at 2 A.M. and Wakes Up With a Shot of Aloe VeraShe does shots of ginger, too.
  15. facelifts
    Saks’s New Floor Is a Beauty Lover’s Millennial PlaygroundFeaturing the first Gucci-designed beauty space and a gym for your face.
  16. generation gaps
    Joe Biden Has Some Harsh Words for Millennials“Give me a break.”
  17. profile
    The Magic Skin of Glossier’s Emily WeissHow fast can a beauty blogger become the millennials’ Estée Lauder? About three years.
  18. science of us
    Millennials Are the Perfectionist GenerationThey report higher levels of pressure to be perfect than past generations.
  19. Has This 35-Year-Old Swedish Man Figured Out the Future of Fashion?Meet Oscar Olsson, the mind behind H&M’s new brand for millennials.
  20. kids react
    This Brand Has a Committee of Millennial AdvisersCould you tell?
  21. sex diaries
    The Receptionist Who Feels Like Such a MillennialThis week’s sex diary.
  22. Go to Disney World Now, Before You Have KidsIt’s perfect, unexpected Zen.
  23. millennials
    Donatella Versace Says Fashion Is Now in the Hands of MillennialsPink as far as the eye can see.
  24. generations
    Don’t Call Me a Millennial — I’m an Old MillennialGiven the epochal events that changed the young adulthoods of older and younger millennials, it’s time to split the generation in half.
  25. gender equality
    Millennials Are More Likely to Think Women Should Stay at HomeA new study finds one surprising shift in young people’s views of gender egalitarianism.
  26. Nobody Is Moving, Especially MillennialsTo the greatest extent in 50 years, the young are staying put.
  27. best bet
    These Super-Sparkly Heels Are a Surprisingly Versatile Spring Wardrobe AdditionA marriage of classic Italian drama and youth culture, courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana.
  28. alcohol
    We Have Almost Achieved Irresponsible-Drinking Gender EquityIt used to be that men drank a lot more, and a lot more stupidly, than women. Not anymore.
  29. Boomers Don’t Work Any Harder Than MillennialsThe Protestant work ethic rules us all.
  30. investigations
    Is Hillary Clinton a Secret Millennial?Or at least that’s what she wants you to think.
  31. millennials
    The Myth of the Millennial Monolith Strikes AgainIt is making it harder for us to understand basic questions like why so few millennials are buying homes.
  32. sex
    Why Are So Many Millennials Having Zero Sex?Another strike against panicky “hookup culture” stories.
  33. Millennials Confirm That Sex Is No Longer CoolA new study shows a higher likelihood of sexual inactivity among younger millennials.
  34. Matthew McConaughey Is Now Hunting Millennials, the Most Dangerous Game of AllThe actor will serve as creative director for Wild Turkey.
  35. Youngs Live With Parents More Than Partners for the First Time in Modern EraWho else could they live with?
  36. Consultants Are Making So Much Money ‘Teaching’ Companies About MillennialsDid you know that millennials, unlike every prior generation, enjoy finding meaning in their work?
  37. unlikely friends
    Why Millennial Women Need Grace and Frankie, a Show About 70-SomethingsLearning from a depiction of late-in-life female friendships.
  38. pop psychology
    Staying In Is Not the New Going OutThe new going out is… still going out.
  39. millennial lifestyles
    Millennials Discover Napkins Are Just Small Paper Towels Young people are too smart to fall prey to Big Napkin.
  40. gotta catch ‘em all
    Does EMILY’s List Plus Lena Dunham Equal More Millennials for Hillary?Dunham for millennials for Clinton.
  41. SNL’s Hillary Woos Millennials by Being BernieFeel the Bern. For her.
  42. victimhood culture
    Why Arthur C. Brooks Is Wrong About ‘Victimhood Culture’Another entry in a long line of recent kids-these-days punditry.
  43. millennials
    That Was a False Alarm on Millennials and Free SpeechIt turns out Americans in general are cool with the government banning offensive things, and they have been for a long time.
  44. millennials
    40 Percent of Millennials Are Okay With the Government Banning Offensive SpeechThis could help explain what’s going on on campuses.
  45. millennials
    The Myth of the Ever-More-Fragile College StudentTo some people, it certainly feels like college students are getting more and more mentally ill. The truth is much more complicated.
  46. millennials
    42.8 Percent of Millennial Men Live With Family“The walls are, like, really soundproof.”
  47. consumer psychology
    Chuck E. Cheese Doesn’t Get ‘Millennials’Why face harsh realities when you can churn out pop-psychological theories instead?
  48. Study: Many Millennials Hate Being MillennialsBeing a millennial is not bae.
  49. parenting
    It Turns Out Millennials Are Pretty Retro DadsDespite their ideals of egalitarian partnership, young dads still shirk domestic duties.
  50. millennials
    Millennials Are Less Racially Tolerant Than You ThinkAll this optimistic talk is a bit of an oversimplification.
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